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Who are Unicorn Leaders? Watch the video to find out.
In a startup's race to a billion, to be crowned a coveted Unicorn, CEOs are in constant search of the magic bullet.  And in an age of fast-paced competition and constant disruption, Unicorn Leaders understand the power of building unstoppable teams. 

They are heroes within your organizations and in their communities. They transform businesses, disrupt markets, and are able to build high-performance teams. These managers demonstrate that you don’t need to be a massive leader with a colossal following to make a serious impact in the world today.

That’s what makes them Unicorn Leaders.  And it’s how everyday managers build teams that are simply unstoppable.

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Learn the six phases of team development managers must know to elevate the performance of their teams.


Get to Know Unicorn Labs 

Led by Leadership Expert, Fahd Alhattab, Unicorn Labs offers training programs designed to elevate managers into high performing team leaders.

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Unicorn Labs is a Leadership Development agency built from our founders' own experience in the world of startups and education - and the power of teamwork to make big impact.

About Fahd

Fahd Alhattab is a millennial workplace, leadership development expert specializing in training startup managers, teams, and executives on Unicorn Leadership. He’s now focused on bringing his client-based experience, along with the most current, relevant research, to Unicorn Lab’s comprehensive enterprise leadership training. Based on this foundation of all of the best practices, Fahd helps organizations build high-performing, unstoppable teams by transforming their managers into leaders. His focus is to now bring his experience working with clients and pulling on the latest organizational research to present all of the best practices of how to build high-performing teams in a comprehensive enterprise leadership training.


Fahd founded Hatch, an entrepreneurship centre that launches, trains, and connects student-entrepreneurs with investors. Fahd was awarded Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Award for his dedication to the community.


Fahd’s path to leadership began with philanthropy. Compelled by his background as an at-risk immigrant from a low-income family, he founded a camp for underprivileged children and has raised over $1.2M dollars for local charities in Ottawa.


Fahd founded and built a mobile technology company in his early twenties, but eventually closed up shop to pursue other opportunities. This formative experience fuelled the development of his leadership coaching programs.


Fahd trains university educators on how to include experiential learning and leadership development programs in their courses.


Fahd has captivated and inspired over 50K people across North America to develop themselves as leaders. Fahd delivers keynotes on a range of leadership team development topics.


Fahd has led an $8M organization with 150 staff and 15 direct reports. Over time and, paired with the latest research literature, Fahd became inspired to understand what makes high-performing teams. Unicorn Labs’ leadership and management courses are the result of his first-hand experience, observations, and findings.
Do you need a leadership speaker for your next event? Check out Fahd’s keynotes.

Explore our leadership training programs.

We offer leadership training programs for staff at every level in your organization.

Management Leadership Training

Improve the leadership capabilities of your management team with a 12-week leadership training program on Unicorn Leadership. Our Unicorn Leadership Training Program is designed for high-growth start-ups looking for leadership and management courses instead of composing a training in-house. 

Team Building

If you’re interested in a leadership coaching program that incorporates interactive learning, team-building retreats may be for you.

Provide a learning development experience for your team that will strengthen bonds and commitment to your startup.

Corporate Leadership Keynotes

Plan an unforgettable keynote that will unite and inspire your staff to develop themselves as leaders.
Fahd’s keynotes incorporate lessons of individual leadership and leadership team development into his storytelling with actionable takeaways to guide the audience from the moment he steps on stage.


Our leadership development training program for managers is backed by research and happy clients.

We hired Unicorn Labs to train first time managers on our team. Unicorn Labs was instrumental in giving us education and tactics for conflict management, project management processes, and gave us strategies on how to improve our communication skills as a team.
Alida Burke
COO, Growcer
The team at Unicorn labs is professional and provides exceptional customer services. Their training has provided my organization with a lot of value. Fahd is extremely passionate about what he does and he is great at it too.
Fares Elsabbagh
CEO, Ottawa General Contractors
I put my managers through the Unicorn Leadership Training Program and have been blown away by the transformation I've seen in our managers. They are more confident in their roles and our culture has improved!
Sebastian Hadjiantoniou
CEO, INcuvers

Access Your Free Leadership Training

Learn the six phases of team development managers must know to elevate the performance of their teams.

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Explore our custom leadership development programs in Ottawa and Toronto.

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Management Leadership Training

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