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The secret to your startup’s success is closer than you think.

It’s within the team of people you lead- and it’s within you to bring it out and make it shine.

To have a unicorn company, you need unicorn people.

We build both at Unicorn Labs.

And we can help you uncover the insights that can take your management style from mediocre to magic.

The people around can propel your startup to unicorn status.
Uncover the Secret

It Begins With You

To lead people in a way that motivates, that brings out their best and allows them to contribute to your startup’s success, you have to know yourself.

With Unicorn Lab’s FREE DISC Personality Test, you’ll get a glimpse into prescriptive recommendations based on your unique personality, your motivators, and how you interact with those around you.

We transform managers into Unicorn Leaders who forge the team towards your all-encompassing vision- in ANY business climate.

The DISC Assessment enables you as a manager to leverage and adapt your personality to the situation and personalities on your team.

We help you develop yourself as a Unicorn Leader to build anunstoppable team.

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What is the DISC Assessment?

At Unicorn Labs we believe that the DISC Assessment is one of your most important tools for understanding your most valuable resource: people.

DISC is a famous personality assessment that helps create a categorized understanding of individuals' typical patterns of behaviours and emotions.

The purpose of this psychometric tool is to give teams a common language to improve their understanding of one another and their communication skills with each other.

DISC will help you recognize each specified personality style's characteristics, including your own, and help you lead the way with the communication that meet’s each team member’s unique needs.

To learn more about the full DISC Assessment and how it can transform your workplace, read the blog ‘4 Employee Personality Types: Understanding and Managing Different Personalities in the Workplace

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Transform Your Team

The DISC Assessment equips you with an understanding of the unique personalities of each person on your team- what motivates them, how best to communicate with them- how to bring out the ‘unicorn’ in each of your team members.

And the most important person you need to understand when you’re a leader is you.

Knowing your personality is an essential component of successful management. Because if you want to relate to your teammates, you must first understand yourself.

When you’re aware of your own needs, you can start to understand how to interact with others.

You can create a thriving environment for the entire team and its members. Get started today with your FREE DISC Assessment.

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Get to Know Your Leadership Trainer

Led by Leadership Expert, Fahd Alhattab, the Unicorn Leadership Training Program trains managers how to become coaches capable of managing conflict and building a highly engaged team culture.

Take the first step in propelling your startup to unicorn status!

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