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Reinvent Your Hiring

Unicorn teams need unicorn people. What are you doing to build a unicorn team?

Unicorn Labs believes in the magic of finding the right people - and the power of teamwork. 

That’s why we created our FREE E-Book: Re-Invent Your Hiring: Increase Your Impact through Recruitment

Our FREE guide gives you the steps, checklists, and insights you need to start building your dream team.

We can help you re-imagine your hiring process and recruit the people who will help turn your dreams for your business into reality.
Are you ready to attract the talent that will transform your growth?

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Your Employment Brand Matters

With limited resources, it can be hard to know where to invest your energy and focus.

People are your most valuable resource.

And, in a digital world where people are highly networked, the reputation of your Employment Brand matters more than it ever has before.

To create an attractive culture, accelerate business growth, and build unstoppable teams you need to start with attracting talent to you.

Download our FREE E-Book today and get access to our innovative and proven recruitment methods that have been used by start-ups just like yours to create a culture of collaboration.

You’ll learn the step-by-step methods for how to:

• Establish your hiring criteria
• Develop a dynamic interview process 
• Move beyond standard interview questions
• Make an offer they can’t refuse
• Build an unstoppable team

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Meet the Author

Fahd Alhattab - CEO and Founder of Unicorn Labs.

Fahd is a millennial workplace expert who teaches managers how to manage multi-generational teams. He specializes in transformative leadership and team dynamics training for high-growth startups.

Through his thirteen years of experience building successful teams, he identified the tried and true ingredient that set high-performing teams apart from competitors- they had leaders who prioritized team performance over individual success.

He calls them Unicorn Leaders.

Fahd has spoken to +50K people across North America on leadership.He’s been named Rising Star Speaker and Most Entertaining Speaker by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

He offers startup founder leadership coaching, offsite team-building retreats, and inspires audiences to become Unicorn Leaders through his corporate keynotes.

And now, with with Unicorn Lab’s FREE E-Book: Re-Invent Your Hiring: Increase Your Impact through Recruitment, you have the opportunity to put his knowledge and experience to work for you.

Are you ready to become a Unicorn company?

Let Unicorn Labs show you how to build a team of people that are going to drive your company’s growth and make the greatest impact.
Get started on building your unstoppable team.

Here's everything you will learn
Table of Contents
01. Introduction
02. Hiring Criteria: Prior Experience and Achievements, Innate Tendencies, Multiple Interviews,On-the-job Observation
04. Recruitment Guide: The Role, What You’ll Do, What We’re Looking For, Who You Are, Interview #1: Culture Fit and Pre-screen, Interview #2: Selection Interview
15. Interview Guide: Pre-Screen Questions for Getting to Know the Candidate, Alternate Questions, Culture Fit Questions, General Questions, Technical Roles, Sales Roles, Behavioural Questions, Problem-Solving Questions, Administrative Questions
21. Employee Hiring Checklists: Employee Hiring Checklists, Hiring Prep Checklist, Hiring Process Checklist
26. Parting Thoughts

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