Unleash the Power of Teamwork.
Transformational Team Retreats Made Easy!
Let Unicorn Labs be your next off­site team-building experience. Whether for the whole office or simply a meetup with your remote team, our unique combination of work and play will surely bring you and your employees closer together.
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100,000+ people trained by Unicorn Labs - Trusted by the Best Teams
Are you still trying to run an entire company retreat on your own?

Running a team retreat is complicated, don't do it alone.

Running around with your head cut off being the event manager, HR, facilitator, vendor contact and travel agent.
Basically hosting a team party. Lacks team goals, or intentional learning design to transform the team.
Retreat To-Do List
Retreat To-Do List
Send guest invitations
Collect guest preferences
Book flights
Send guest invitations
Collect guest preferences
Paying full rates or extra for venue, food and travel because of a lack of partnerships.
Facilitating strategic sessions yourself that you found on youtube the day before, in addition to planning the retreat.
Playing outdoor sports and activities, calling them 'team building,' but not dealing with fundamental team dysfunctions.
Imagine you had a team that could help design, organize and execute the best team retreat.
How transformational could this retreat truly be for your team?
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Booking a venue with food and bringing people together isn't team building.
We've seen many teams make this mistake. Groups that believe that if we just got people together and had some fun activities, that would be enough. This often falls short of the goals of relationship building and teamwork.
Food, drinks and social time are essential but don't mistake that for team building.
Most retreat companies just book the venue, food and travel for you, but they forget the necessary transformational team-building experiences.
Building strong relationships takes intentionality and design on the facilitator's part.

Trial and


With Expert

Teamwork is not learned through hours of presentations.
Some teams jam-pack their retreats with departmental presentations, hour after hour, hoping to create cross-collaboration. You must empower your team through experiential learning.
Poorly designed learning workshops are not engaging and don't inspire the team.
Wasting your precious team retreat time on boring presentations.
You're already spending
thousands on a team retreat
- make it count.
A team retreat or a corporate offsite can be one of the most powerful opportunities for transformational change. Bringing everyone together allows teams to connect, build relationships, align on strategies, cultivate culture and grow.

Let's make the most of this opportunity to unleash the power of teamwork and not waste hundreds of thousands bringing people together without a plan.

What if you had the help to host a transformational team retreat that was fun, productive, on budget, and truly unleashed the power of teamwork?

👉 Better Teamwork means Happier Teams.

👉 Make organizing your next retreat easy with Unicorn Labs.
End-to-End Event Management
Identify & Diagnose Team Needs Through Assessments
Find & Negotiate Accommodations & Food
5-star Hands-on Onboarding and Support at All Times
Proven Leadership & Team Building Programs Customized for your Team

High-performing teams are critical to a startup's success.

While you focus on building your Unicorn business, let us help you build your Unicorn Leaders. It starts with mastering these three dimensions of teamwork which guide the focus of our corporate retreats:

Clear Vision & Strong Purpose

The team understands their purpose in achieving the company vision, both at the team and individual levels.

Build trust, build relationships

The team is trusting, has open communication, and a willingness to embrace conflict. Team retreats can establish a tremendous initial foundation for high-quality interactions away from the usual high-pressure work environments.

Culture of Innovation

The team operates in a culture where risks and innovations are celebrated. We help you uncover what this looks like for your unique organization.
Team building retreats are the most effective way to create a lasting impact on team dynamics.
Our leadership and team-building retreats are designed for startups passionate about improving leadership capacity within themselves, their company, and their teams. Our corporate retreats teach, guide, and foster what and how to solidify a good foundation for team dynamics to thrive. With established team dynamics, our goal is for you to be then able to take-away learnings of how to identify and self-regulate the ebbs of flows of team dynamics and understand how to navigate them for the most successful outcomes. Foremost, it begins with a deep understanding of each other and the team as a unit. Unsure of where and how to start planning your first corporate retreat?

Read our blog to help you get started:
Step-by-Step: Planning a Team Retreat.
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Escape the day-to-day.
Get out of the office.
Now more than ever, teams are yearning for a deeper sense of unity and connection. By stepping away from the digital world and immersing yourselves in enriching shared experiences, we can help your teams feel more engaged and inspired fueling team success.
Big picture thinking.
Retreats are more than co-working, they are a time for your team to ask the big questions and connect on a deeper level. What is our vision, our purpose and our values? How will we get there?
Inspiration & adventure
Unique destinations and activities make corporate team retreats even more impactful. Explore something new together. Let us help you discover hidden gems and create unforgettable memories.
Interactive & Experiential Learning
In our team retreats’ learning environment, you won’t find thick binders and heavy workbooks that’ll sit on your shelf for the rest of time. Our strategy is purely interactive, community-based, and customized to your unique needs as a startup.

We tailor our programs by interviewing participants, co-creating plans, and following up to ensure sustainable long-term results. Teams receive resources and assets to take back to the office, enriching the learning experience. We want you to reap the benefits of the corporate retreat in the long term.
Unlock Your Company Potential with Unicorn Teams
In today's fast-paced business environment, teamwork remains one of the most sustainable competitive advantages across industries. It's hard to measure because it impacts an organization's outcome in a comprehensive and way.

Teamwork is also hard to achieve; it can't be bought or acquired by hiring a smart business school graduate. It requires courage, discipline, and a certain level of emotional energy.
Watch Full Video

Our Proprietary Leadership Secrets:

Six Steps to High Performing Teams
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We're committed to creating the best team-building corporate retreats.
Working with us and our team retreat means you'll have a hassle-free learning experience that will impact your organization. Our collaboration means an increased focus on the unique needs of your team without the stress of having to plan all the logistical details of corporate retreats alone.

All Inclusive Experience

We provide an all-inclusive experience where the planning, catering, and execution are completed for you. Including the following and more:

Workspace & Meeting Space

Accommodation & Food

Team Retreat Planning

Team Building Facilitation & Training

Real Results

Our workshops and team-building activities include clear action items to apply to your unique challenges as a startup after the end of the corporate retreat.

Through organizing hundreds of retreats we know exactly what you expect and need. When you relocate your team for a few days, you want to be sure that everything is going to go smoothly.

We can make that happen.


By taking care of the planning and getting the best rates from our network of proven providers, we organise your retreat more cost effectively than you could on your own, all while letting your employees focus on what matters most, your business!

Save your team time

Don’t allow the retreat planning process to slow-down contributions from the employees that are growing your company. Why spend time organising a retreat when you can manage a team or write code?

Team Magic

We guaranteed a memorable team experience that will leave your team more connected to each other and your goals as a startup. We want to reframe your team’s perception of what a corporate retreats entails with positive impact.

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Retreat Planning Consultation

During our Retreat Planning Consultation, we gain an understanding of everything you're looking for and help you sort out things you may not have even thought of.

Most importantly, we define the goals and needs of the team retreat by outlining the Team Bonding, Team Building and Team Strategy Ratio.

👉     Team Bonding is the social fun, food, drinks and games that help cultivate relationships and bonds.

👉     Team Building is the intentional work of creating high-performing teams through experiential learning.

👉     Team Strategy is the alignment of goals, strategy and growth.

By outlining your ratio, we better understand how to design your experience.

Event Type
# of People

The event details are as follows:

❓ “What if we already have a venue/location/dates?"

We love to start with what you already have and help you build from there. Part of our full-service commitment means that we come in to facilitate learning and run your team-building workshops.


Design Process & Proposal

Our team will begin designing your transformational team-building retreat. We will come to you with package options that fit within your budget needs - or we'll make alternative recommendations if necessary.

We will create a proposal you can give to your executives to showcase the opportunity—the venue options, including programming and team-building workshops.

Upon approval of the proposal, we'll need to settle the first deposit to secure the commitment.

❓ “We don't want this to be overly workshops - but fun and engaging. Do we have a choice in the programming?”

We love to start with what you already have and help you build from there. While we offer full-service Retreats, we also come in to facilitate and run team-building training.


End-to-End Planning, Negotiating & Organizing

You'll be assigned an account manager who will be your go to person for all things you need related to your retreat.

We will begin to book all the necessary venues, accommodations, and food. Despite an agreed upon budget, we will continue to negotiate and find deals where we can save you money.

All money saved off of the original budget is given back to you.

We'll have easy to use tools for you to oversee budget, manage RSVPs, and showcase the retreat and get folks excited!

❓ “Do you also help book travel?"

If it's large group travel we have partners that we work with closely to make it all easy, however if its a few employees flying in, it is often easiest for each to book their own.


Offsite & Retreat Kick-off

Our team is with you on-site, ready to help ensure the event is smooth, facilitate relationship building, and lead you through team-building activities and strategic workshops!

The kickoff is our favourite part too! So you won't catch us missing out. We help folks break out of their shell and make the most of this transformational experience.

We're also there to take care of all issues that arise so that you can participate and enjoy.

❓ “How do you manage to be at all the retreats you run?”

Well, here's the trick. We're quite selective over which teams we work with because we can only run 24 retreats annually. Our full-service approach often leads us to work closely with teams in building a whole Learning & Development strategy for the year to help foster teamwork beyond just the retreat.

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Experience our Retreats

Watch for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Unicorn Labs’ offsite leadership corporate retreats.

This is Why 100s of Customers Love The Unicorn Leadership Program

star star star star star
We hired Unicorn Labs to train first time managers on our team. They were instrumental in giving us education and tactics for conflict management, project management processes, and gave us strategies on how to improve our communication skills as a team.
Alida Burke
COO, Growcer
star star star star star
Unicorn Labs gave the team exactly the type of experience they needed to develop skills and rapport with one another to provide a noticeable impact on team performance. Fahd turned even the most skeptical participants into engaged participants with his energy, charisma, and relatability. The exercises and lessons learned were perfect to not only make the team better but also to positively influence engagements with stakeholders, partners, and customers.
Craig Handy
Previous Head of Revenue Automation, Tooling, & Enablement - Global Revenue Technology & Operations, Shopify
star star star star star
Unicorn Labs has been fantastic for our organization for nearly three years now. I work with Fahd monthly, and he and his team are phenomenal. He’s helped us grow our company and dramatically improve our company culture. I’ve worked with other training organizations before and none come even close. I can’t recommend them enough.
Samuel Witherspoon
Co-Founder and CEO, IMRSV

These Companies Are Already Building A High-Performing Team, When Will You?

Unicorn Labs is already helping teams just like yours to transform their managers into leaders that build high-performing teams that scale.
The Unicorn Leaders Promise
A 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If you or your team members are unsatisfied by the
leadership transformation, receive a total refund.
📞  Book a FREE Retreat Planning Consultation with our Team
🧪  Co-curate and design a Transformational Team Retreat
📄  Walk-through our Packages to Make Planning Easy
5-star hands-on onboarding and support at all times
💰️ Build a budget together that you can take back to your team
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In this Strategy Session we'll focus on evaluating your current leadership development process, your problems and goals and see how Unicorn Labs can help you get better results, faster.

Explore Our Retreat Programs

If you're a startup leader hoping to improve your team dynamics or develop a strategic plan, our interactive programs packed with workshops, team activities, and action items will enhance the health of your startup. Depending on your goals, we will cater to and customize the corporate retreat experience with your needs while also focusing on leadership development principles.

Workshop Modules

Create your own with us today!
1. Evaluate their team's current team dynamics and overall performance
2. Stakeholder Analysis
3. Governance Review
4. Strategic Plan Development
5. In-House Strategic Toolset

Overcome the pitfalls of team dynamics and build a high-performing startup team.

In this immersive team retreat experience, Fahd will train your team to identify and overcome common team pitfalls using the six levels of team development.

This program will give your managers and team members the tools to transform any team into a high-performing machine.
Learn More

Workshop Modules

Create your own with us today!
1. Environmental Analysis
2. Stakeholder Analysis
3. Governance Review
4. Strategic Plan Development
5. In-House Strategic Toolset

Build a strategic plan that will help your startup achieve its growth targets.

In one weekend with our team retreat, your executive team will develop an outline of a strategic roadmap for the next calendar year and develop their leadership skills through immersive leadership training exercises and team-building activities.

We guide and help you focus in on your unique strategic priorities while helping develop the leadership potential of your whole team.
Learn More

Workshop Modules

Create your own with us today!
1. Core Purpose
2. Core Values
3. Vivid Description
4. Targets & Ambitious Goals
5. Strategic and Operational Priorities
6. Brand Promise
7. Leader Behaviours

Vision & Values Program

The elements of collective ambition can be thought of in the form of a circle. Purpose lies at the center, the driving force behind what path your company carves for itself. Just beyond lies vision, brand promise, strategic and operational milestones as they map your progress towards your greater mission and purpose. Finally, leadership behaviours lie in the outermost ring as they are the wheels that drive progress.

Let Unicorn Labs take your team away from the daily grind and help identify areas of misalignment and create strategies to address these issues. These elements help leaders foster energy and inspiration within their team creating a sense of connection and commitment among the entire team. In the end, collective ambition isn’t just about crafting an inspiring story, It’s about building company engagement towards greater purpose.
Learn More

Workshop Modules

Create your own with us today!
1. People & Roles
2. Common & Personal Goals
3. Purpose & Values
4. Strengths & Assets
5. Weaknesses & Development Areas
6. Needs & Expectations
7. Rules & Actions

Overcome Team Dysfunctions Program

In teamwork, things you don’t talk about tend to matter the most. Years of observing, leading and consulting small teams made us realize that it’s not the lack of knowledge that makes effective teamwork so hard. The obviousness of forming groups and acting as one sometimes makes it difficult to spot the real challenges of building, maintaining and developing great teams by asking the hard questions at the right times.

In one transformational team retreat weekend, we’ll guide you in developing a strategic framework that helps team members to kick off projects and align on common vision and values. Based on our experience with startups and creative groups, it is made to smoothly start collective projects, let people learn about each other and accumulate enough momentum to get going.
Learn More

Reconnect Your Team to the Business

Five reasons to book a team-building corporate retreat.

Reignite employee passion.

Energize executives and employees to inspire action, maximize productivity, and create long-lasting results. A team retreat can remind employees of the greater organizational mission and how their work contributes to it within the team.

Turn feedback into a gift.

Confront conflict head-on and use feedback as a tool for development, not criticism. Team retreats help relieve pressure through a change of scenery to be spent in the outdoors with a more relaxed atmosphere between team members. This is an opportunity to practice the more challenging aspects of feedback and leadership in a low-stakes environment

Get creative wheels spinning.

Collaboratively brainstorm solutions to problems executives can’t solve alone. Corporate retreats in collaboration with Unicorn Labs will help stimulate your team to think outside the box and be introduced to new tools and frameworks to innovate your mission forward.

No more broken telephone.

Communicate more often and effectively with every personality type on your team. Time spent in corporate retreats is time spent learning to understand one another. We emphasize a big focus on learning the different communication styles in order to best align and attune oneself to diverse individuals in the most productive and effective way.

Turn your team into a High Performing Team.

Develop meaningful relationships that get teams excited about work again. Team retreats help connect your employees as people. Engaging them through our activities will help establish trust and understanding that translates into rapport and optimized collaboration. Improve your corporate culture by investing in the relationships of the people that work there. Creating a sense of belonging is critical for a productive and connected team.

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the benefit of having someone else facilitate our retreat content?

When you’re trying to plan the show, run the show, and deliver the messaging, you don’t have time to just be part of the team and actively participate. When you bring us in to do the heavy lifting, you get to enjoy your time with your team and let us worry about the details!

What if we have an administrative issue during our retreat?

This is why we’re here! We don’t just bring transformational learning, we are also on site to handle any challenges that arise with booking, meals, activities, etc. so you can just sit back and enjoy alongside your team.

What if we have changes within the team before the retreat?

We work on our relationships with providers so that you don’t have to. If something changes within the booking, we’re able to adjust those elements on our side as long as it’s within a reasonable time before the event itself. Otherwise, we will do our best to work with the venues to see what’s possible, and negotiate on your behalf.

How do you make the content relevant to our company?

In our planning stage, we gather insights and objectives from a variety of stakeholders in addition to completing assessments with your team. We pull these information streams together to provide your team’s custom program.

We have information we need to share outside of team-building sessions, how do you accommodate that?

All of our content is co-curated to suit the needs of your team, so if you have content that you need to present to the team, we work with you to find the best spot in the agenda to deliver your message.

What is your minimum/maximum number of people?

We can run retreats for your executive team of minimum 4 or 5 and we can accommodate your full crew as long as we’re able to find a venue that will fit the full group!

We have a lot of dietary preferences/restrictions on our team, how do you make that work?

We work with the venue to share any dietary needs to ensure that there are suitable options for every member of your team. As long as we know with advance notice, we’re able to ensure accommodations.

We’re not located in Ontario, can we still work with Unicorn Labs for our team retreat?

Yes! We’re happy to travel to you and help you achieve your transformational retreat experience whether it’s here in Ontario, across North America, or somewhere a little more exotic!

If you don’t, someone else will!

4-5 clients (on average) call me for projects every week but I only have time to work with 2 per month.

Will you be one of them? 👇