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About Fahd
Fahd is a millennial workplace expert who teaches new managers how to lead multi-generational teams. He specializes in transformative leadership and team dynamics training for high-growth startups.

Through his thirteen years of experience building successful teams, he’s identified the tried and true ingredient that set high performing teams apart from competitors — they had leaders who prioritized team performance over individual success.

He calls them Unicorn Leaders.
Fahd has spoken to +70K people across North America on leadership and been named Rising Star Speaker and Most Entertaining Speaker by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Now, he offers startup founder leadership coaching, offsite team-building retreats, and inspires audiences to become Unicorn Leaders through his corporate keynotes.
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“When leaders ask how they can transform with just ONE change, my answer is always enthusiasm. If you can approach problem, situation, opportunity, and relationships with a hint of enthusiasm, it changes everything.”
Fahd Alhattab
CEO, UnicornLabs
Unicorn Leaders create opportunities managers don’t. They are heros within your organization that attract and retain top-tier talent. They know how to engage the multigenerational workforce and build high performing teams that create extraordinary impact through sheer performance. They transform businesses, disrupt markets, and their ripple effects across your entire organization will elevate your company culture and accelerate growth by a factor of 10.
‍Unlike unicorns, Unicorn Leaders aren’t imaginary beings. They are rare individuals who mastered how to successfully combine drive, intelligence, and humility to attract followers and to encourage them to perform to do the best of their abilities.Many of them exist amongst us. But without access to leadership training and tools to transform, many of them won’t reach their leadership potential. But a simple push in the right direction can have a compounding effect on personal development. And as a millennial workplace expert, Fahd can deliver that value to your startup and audiences.

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Who We Are
Meet the Unicorn Labs team 
Erik Harbison
Chief Marketing Officer
Meet Erik, our Chief Marketing Officer at Unicorn Labs.  His focus driving awareness of, and engagement with, the Unicorn Labs brand, services and outcomes. He is also working behind the scenes helping out with copywriting, content development, and promotional strategy around our library of resources. Erik’s 25+ years of entrepreneurial, leadership and start up experiences are also a great asset in support of Unicorn Labs positioning and resources development.  When not working, there isn’t a day where he is not playing (or attempting to play) soccer or supporting young professional career growth and coaching through a community that he founded over 10 years ago.
Abigail Kierstead
Business Development Representative
As a a Business Development Representative at Unicorn Labs. Abigail reaches out to potential clients, fosters new and existing relationships, and closes new business to create Unicorn Leaders. She also contributes to the various iterations of their services and uses insights from potential clients to help them improve. When not working, she is pursuing an MBA in Leadership, hiking, visiting home on the East Coast, and waiting for football season to start.
Kateryna Manchuk
Revenue Operations & Email Marketing Specialist
Meet Kateryna, our Revenue Operations and Email Marketing Specialist at Unicorn Labs. She optimizes and executes communication channels to spread awareness of Unicorn Leadership. She earned her Master of Arts in Law from Khmelnytskyi University of Management and Law in Ukraine. When not working, she embraces the outdoors, paddleboarding, biking, or running alongside the river, savouring a zest for life.
Maria Golovko
Project Manager
Maria is a Project Manager at Unicorn Labs. She crafts cutting-edge learning materials, co-creates the Hacking Management newsletter, and refines the user experience of their Unicorn Leadership course. She has a degree in Psychology and a Master of Management from the University of British Columbia. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time in the breathtaking outdoors of Vancouver, BC, running or taking walks along the iconic seawall or indulging in delightful café discoveries.
Moe Omer
Design Extraordinaire
Moe is the vibrant force behind Unicorn Labs’ design team. He has a truckload of UI, web, and graphic design experience and brings an infectious energy. Moe’s superpower is his creativity and eye for detail, making him the true embodiment of an artist. He is our resident design guru, armed with a diverse skill set that could give Picasso a run for his money. The website you’re looking at? Yeah, that’s all him! In his spare time, he is learning new tech tools and skills, doing martial arts, or disassembling and reconstructing computers.
Andrea Dark
Corporate Retreat Logistics Specialist
Andrea is the maestro of Corporate Retreat Logistics at Unicorn Labs. She curates extraordinary client experiences during their remarkable retreats. She is a natural-born problem-solver with unwavering attention to detail, who tackles every challenge and provides facilitation support when needed. Outside of Unicorn Labs, Andrea is an esteemed educator to her fifth grade students. She loves teaching, hosting gatherings, dazzling guests with her culinary delights and warm hospitality. She’s also an active member of her community, embracing opportunities to make a positive impact.
Jaycie Linh
Creative Content Creator
Meet Jaycie, our Creative Content Creator at Unicorn Labs. They are a jack of all trades, whether it’s designing eye-catching posts, creating stunning graphics, or producing dynamic video content, they’ve got it all. They are the brains behind our social content, videos, and graphic design assets. When they are not immersed in pixels and timelines, you’ll find them roaming around the world with a camera, walking through an art museum, or sipping some tea at home!
Bailey Ballum
Operations Manager
An Operations Manager with a deep-rooted passion for the chaotic startup world. She has proven her excellence by hiring, leading, and scaling multiple high-performing teams to produce significant results. Driven by ambition, growth, and company success, Bailey has achieved remarkable milestones quickly in her career.
Our Coaches

Meet our coaches

Our coaches are leaders who have helped managers become Unicorn Leaders. They will work with you to identify your strengths, challenges, and goals, and provide personalized feedback, guidance, and support.
Erik Harbison
Coach & CMO
My background hiring and developing teams within startup and enterprise environments provides me with the understanding to solve for complex leadership development and management training challenges. My core areas of focus include executive and leadership coaching, career development, career pathing, and team building.
Wendy Best
Coach & Consultant
With extensive experience in operations leadership for startups, Wendy empathizes with founders navigating key hires and aligning objectives with culture to inspire teams. She mentors both first-time managers and seasoned leaders through the startup journey. With over 20 years in technology companies like StellarAlgo, Agreement Express (acquired by Frontier Growth), and Solium (acquired by Morgan Stanley), Wendy offers invaluable expertise in rapid growth, acquisitions, and organizational changes..
Eva Manole
Associate Consultant
I help leaders and teams from various industries achieve lasting impact and accelerate results. I combine my academic background in psychology and business with my professional credentials in coaching and psychometric assessments to deliver evidence-based and customized solutions.
Mohamed Ashraf Abdalla
Mohamed, an engineering manager with a passion for leadership development, excels in fostering high-performing teams. His career spans Ericsson, where he improved operational efficiencies, and Apple, where he led global Siri expansion. Currently at Apple, Mohamed drives software evolution for Communication Applications through automation and machine learning. As a mentor and advocate for continuous improvement, he equips emerging leaders with the tools to thrive in dynamic environments
Michaud Garneau
Michaud is an executive coach and facilitator with a rich background in the performing arts and personal development. His holistic method incorporates yoga, meditation, and improvisation, focusing on presence over words. An award-winner with a TedX Talk, Michaud collaborates with major firms like Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and teaches leadership on Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. He encourages growth through enjoyable, supportive challenges.
Scott Bradford
Scott is a growth-minded leader with 25 years of success in technology and non-profits. Focused on people and organizations reaching their potential, he excels in innovation, partnership building, fundraising, and revitalization. His award-winning work includes United Way of Ottawa and Queen's Diamond Jubilee accolades. Scott's passion lies in creating lasting impact and making a difference in others' lives.
Jordan Nahmias
Jordan Nahmias, once a high-flying entertainment lawyer, embarked on a transformative journey from legal luminary to holistic life coach. With a storied career that spans law, yoga, film production, and photography, Jordan's life is a testament to the power of self-discovery and reinvention. Co-founder of the Open Roof Festival and a dedicated family man, his path reflects a deep dive into creativity and personal growth. Today, Jordan leverages his diverse experiences to guide others through their own life's knots, blending innovation, storytelling, and empathy to inspire change and foster a deeper understanding of one's self and purpose.
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Our Principles
The Unicorn Labs Values
At Unicorn Labs, we believe values aren’t just statements to be put on the wall. They are the essence of our work and culture, serving as unwavering compass points in uncharted territories.   Given that they were collaborated on for the team, we typically use them internally to act as a guiding compass in uncharted waters. But we want you to glimpse who Unicorn Labs is as an organization. They reflect not only our beliefs but also our relentless pursuit to embody them. Have a look…
Always begin with relentlessly high standards, but ship your product before you’ve met them.
When your curiosity strikes, feed it; let it be insatiable.
Have a rigorous work ethic with intensity in the hour, not the amount of hours.
Tenaciously adapt to everything thrown your way, but hold onto your purpose and values.
Live with infectious enthusiasm.
Be unwaveringly disruptive unless of course, disruption becomes the norm.
Always play the long game.

What Are The Six Levels of High-Performing Teams?

Our core Unicorn Leadership philosophy is distilled into the Six Levels of High-Performing Teams, where each level builds on the previous one. This avoids siloed solutions and gaps with a holistic, collaborative, reinforced approach.

Our Philosophy
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