Coaching That Makes High Performing Teams

Our leadership development coaching is the most effective way to transform your leadership skills, and accelerate your startup’s success.

We build Unicorn Leaders who can grow Unicorn companies.


Your startup's growth is limited by the strength of your leaders.

With our coaching and mentoring for leadership development, you will learn the science behind the critical skills you need,  and the actionable steps for putting them into practice. Unicorn Leaders are built by the willingness to increase your capacity for :
Influencing Others
Developing Future Leaders
Performance Effectiveness
Overall, high-performing, engaged employees not only drive your organization forward but also thrive and grow with it.  In a world where talent is expensive, hard to find, and challenging to retain, managers are the lever to employee engagement. Leadership development becomes the key to maximizing the talent potential of your organization by training your managers into leaders.

Every company, manager, and team is unique.

Our one-on-one coaching programs are designed to focus on your unique strengths and needs.

With assessments to measure your current leadership capabilities, we can design a program that is customized to look for what’s working and focus on any leadership skill gaps. Unicorn Labs has developed a scalable system that develops your managers for you, allowing you to focus on the business of running your business.

Our leadership development coaching goes beyond the limits of professional development.  Working with you as an individual leader,  with the managers in your team, or with your team as a whole, we use these proven steps for the most transformative impact.

Step 1: Assessment
We believe leaders are most effective when they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Our 360° review, self-assessments, peer and direct report assessments all provide input on the manager’s leadership capabilities, across three primary domains: Character, Relationships, and Influence.

Step 2: Objective and Goal Setting
We co-curate a learning plan for each manager to ensure we’re focusing on their needs and gaps. 

Step 3: Monthly Coaching
We begin with monthly coaching calls and biweekly virtual check-ins where managers can bring up questions or issues they have, learning objectives are tackled, and their personal leadership transformations begin.

1. Capable Manager

Learn how to manage projects and achieve results.

2. Relationships Manager

Improve your emotional Intelligence and communication skills.

3. Communicative Manager

Learn how to embrace conflict and facilitate effective teamwork.

4. Effective Leader 

Master how to coach and develop future leaders on your team.

5. Unicorn Leader

Create extraordinary impact through vision and adaptability.

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About Fahd

Fahd Alhattab is a millennial workplace expert specializing in training startup managers, teams, and executives on Unicorn Leadership. He’s now focused on bringing his client-based experience, along with the most current, relevant research, to Unicorn Lab’s comprehensive enterprise leadership training. Based on this foundation of all of the best practices, Fahd helps organizations build high-performing, unstoppable teams. His focus is to now bring his experience working with clients and pulling on the latest organizational research to present all of the best practices of how to build high-performing teams in a comprehensive enterprise leadership training.


Fahd founded Hatch, an entrepreneurship centre that launches, trains, and connects student-entrepreneurs with investors. Fahd was awarded Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Award for his dedication to the community.


Fahd’s path to leadership began with philanthropy. Compelled by his background as an at-risk immigrant from a low-income family, he founded a camp for underprivileged children and has raised over $1.2M dollars for local charities in Ottawa.


Fahd founded and built a mobile technology company in his early twenties, raising over $100k capital, but eventually closed up shop to pursue other opportunities. This formative experience fueled the development of his leadership coaching programs.


Fahd trains university educators on how to include experiential learning and leadership development programs in their courses.


Fahd has captivated and inspired over 50K people across North America to develop themselves as leaders. Fahd delivers keynotes on a range of leadership team development topics.


Fahd has led an $8M organization with 150 staff and 15 direct reports. Over time and, paired with the latest research literature, Fahd became inspired to understand what makes high-performing teams. Unicorn Labs’ leadership and management courses are the result of his first-hand experience, observations, and findings.
Do you need a leadership speaker for your next event? Check out Fahd’s keynotes.

What’s a Unicorn Leader?

They are multi-faceted leaders who...

Have high emotional intelligence to shift their minds towards putting their people first with the goal of building powerful teams

Are visionaries who can see the big picture to play the long game

See themselves as catalysts to improve the culture and their teams 

See themselves as coaches who build high performing teams


Explore Our Coaching Program

A startup is only as powerful as its leaders. Managers need the skills to lead, motivate and develop their teams. Our one-on-one coaching sessions transform managers into leaders with the tools to empower their teams to perform their best and reach peak performance.

Customized Management Development Training

Our Leadership Training Course provides customized management development training that gives managers the skills they need to level-up into Unicorn Leaders. Through sessions that include education and clear action items - managers begin applying their learning and are supported in their reflection and growth. The one-on-one coaching provides the personalized adaptation of the Unicorn Labs curriculum fit to your unique challenges and goals. You will have the opportunity to soundboard everything with your coach, dissect it, and reflect on things you could potentially miss. You will be provided tangible tools to not only solve problems but to also identify them early on. Grow to become a proactive leader and expand your impact potential on your team.


Managers will learn:

  • Coaching techniques to help level-up their team into future leaders
  • New approaches for change and conflict management
  • Management tools for effectively managing meetings and projects
  • Leadership techniques to create an inclusive team culture aligned to the startup’s vision
  • Communication techniques adapted to personality types to achieve desired results

Why does it matter to invest in your managers to become Unicorn Leaders?

Through Gallup’s research, we’ve seen that 85% of employees are unengaged at work. 

Engaged employees are high-performing employees, and high-performing employees are the ones who help move the needle forward through better productivity, more ideas, risk-taking, creativity, and overall growth and innovation. Overall, high-performing, engaged employees not only drive your organization forward but also thrive and grow with it. 

And what if you knew you already have a lever in your organization that you could pull to change 70% of the variance in team engagement? Would you pull it? Then you need to shift your focus to your managers. Your managers control 70% of employee engagement, that is one’s affinity to your organization.

Once we transform your managers into Unicorn Leaders who improve their teams & create a desirable high performing environment through leadership management coaching. They will be poised to attract better talent, retain that talent, help the teams grow to build the organization YOU want, and be ready for the next colossal disruption(and there WILL be one)!

High-performing teams are adaptable to change. They welcome change. They embrace it - because it challenges them and takes them to the next level of their OWN development. It excites them. It energizes them!

So in a world where talent is so expensive and hard to get and managers are the lever to employee engagement, leadership development becomes the key to connecting the two. Leadership development becomes your best return on investment to maximize the talent potential of your organization by training your managers into leaders.

If your employees are developing, your organization is developing. An energized team is not only the key that will yield results but one that continuously maintains its ability to innovate and sustain GROWTH.

Coaching Statistics 

of people who receive coaching see an increase in self-confidence.
benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.
of companies report a solid return on investment on coaching.

Why coaching and mentoring for leadership development
may be right for you?

To answer this question we peel back to the core of the question - why is leadership important? 

We invite you to ask yourself this question, because to all leadership will mean different things. It may be the difference your business is lacking to reach its next growth spurt. Or perhaps it’s the step needed for focusing on strategy. For any purpose, leadership is important because it can narrow the gap between your people and your goals. Leadership, if done right, can unite and rally your people to transform from a group to a team, and form a team to an unstoppable force of innovation and drive. Unicorn Labs aims to uncover that potential that already exists.

How can you align your workplace with the realities of today’s workforce - and ensure your team can forge ahead in the future?  Team development. 

All growth and movement of a product and a company starts, survives and thrives in direct relation to your employees. 

Our Leadership Training Program uses the 6 Levels of Leadership Training and High Performing Teams philosophy to build up each
employee of your unstoppable team:


Employees feel psychologically safe in their team and workplace

A solid foundation is needed for building Unicorn teams. Knowing how to create a team where each member feels safe, where their individual work styles are recognized and nurtured, is the basis for inspired and continuous growth.


Employees have role clarity and are empowered to make decisions

Managers help give jobs purpose because they can help employees see the effects of their work on the bigger picture and encourage employee development.


Employees embrace conflict when communicating

In a workplace where a growth mindset is accepted and encouraged, employees can see conflicts as opportunities to ask questions, listen thoughtfully, and apply new ideas to a project. When leaders act as coaches who model and encourage iterative feedback, problem-solving becomes the norm.

Employees contribute to a culture of leadership

By encouraging a culture of collaboration and innovation, where each employee feels that their strengths and contributions to their team are valued, they feel empowered to continue to strive to do their best to move the entire team forward.


Employees have a sense of purpose

Today’s employees want a job that compliments their strengths and aligns with their values.  They want work with purpose and contribution to greater meaning. 


Employees are connected to the company’s vision

Managers who act as coaches, who recognize and develop each employee's strengths, allow employees to feel their own purpose and contributions are integral to the company’s overall vision.

Startups who Have hired us for leadership development coaching in ottawa

“I've always been a high performer but managing others is a completely different ball game. Fahd’s coaching gave me the confidence to trust and delegate tasks to my team so I could focus on strategy. Without Fahd, I would have burned out from my habit of trying to do everything.”
- Lily Akagbosu, President, CUSA

Improve your management team’s leadership skills.

Learn the six phases of team development managers must know to lead high performing teams.


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