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Your startup's growth is limited by the strength of your leaders.

One-on-one coaching is the most effective way to develop these skills critical to Unicorn Leadership.
Influencing Others
Developing Future Leaders
Performance Effectiveness

Unicorn Leadership development and management training programs.

Hire a leadership development coach in Ottawa or Toronto.

Our one-on-one coaching programs include assessments that measure your current leadership capabilities and your programs is customized to focus on your needs and leadership skill gaps.

Step 1: Assessment
We believe leaders are most effective when they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Our 360° review, self-assessments, peer and direct report assessments all provide input on the managers leadership capabilities, across three primary domains: Character, Relationships, and Influence.

Step 2: Objective and Goal Setting
We co-curate a learning plan for each manager to ensure we’re focusing on their needs and gaps. 

Step 3: Monthly Coaching
We begin with monthly coaching calls and biweekly virtual checkins where managers can bring up questions or issues they have, learning objectives are tackled, and their personal leadership transformations begin.

1. Capable Manager

Learn how to manage projects and achieve results.

3. Communicative Manager

Learn how to embrace conflict and facilitate effective teamwork.

5. Unicorn Leader

Create extraordinary impact through vision and adaptability.

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2. Relationships Manager

Improve your emotional Intelligence and communication skills.

4. Effective Leader 

Master how to coach and develop future leaders on your team.

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A startup is only as powerful as its leaders, which is why it is incredibly important managers have the skills to lead, motivate, and develop their teams.  Our one-on-one coaching sessions equip managers to have the tools to coach staff to perform their best while empowering their teams to reach peak performance.

Unlock and accelerate management performance.

Our customized coaching sessions provide managers one-on-one skill development training required to level-up into Unicorn Leaders.  Each session includes education, reflection, and clear action items to hold managers accountable to apply what they have learned.


Managers will learn:

  • Coaching techniques to help manager’s level-up their team into future leaders
  • New approaches for change and conflict management
  • Management tools for effectively managing meetings and projects
  • Leadership techniques to create an inclusive team culture aligned to the startup’s vision
  • Communication techniques adapted to personality types to achieve desired results

Coaching Statistics 

of people who receive coaching see an increase in self-confidence.
benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.
of companies report a solid return on investment on coaching.

Startups who Have hired us for leadership development coaching in ottawa

“I've always been a high performer but managing others is a completely different ball game. Fahd’s coaching gave me the confidence to trust and delegate tasks to my team so I could focus on strategy. Without Fahd, I would have burned out from my habit of trying to do everything.”
- Lily Akagbosu, President, CUSA

Improve your management team’s leadership skills.

Learn the six phases of team development managers must know to lead high performing teams.


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