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Define your team’s culture before it defines you.

If you struggle with these human resources challenges, your startup is at risk of losing its human capital.

Poor Leadership Skills

Are your managers failing to maximize team potential?

Broken Communication

Are communication channels broken?

Missing Goals

Have your staff been working hard with minimal results?

No Applicants

Are you struggling to recruit top talent?

High Turnover

Do you have a high employee turnover rate?

Zero Culture

Does your startup lack culture?

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Your secret weapon against the 21st century talent war is
Unicorn Leadership.

Five reasons you should hire a corporate leadership trainer.

Hire Smarter

Unicorn Leaders hire the most qualified candidates that compliment your company culture.

Retain Top-Talent

Unicorn Leaders have high emotional intelligence and adapt their management style to different personalities. 

Improved Performance

Unicorn Leaders encourage their team to practice self-leadership.

Stronger Teams

Unicorn Leaders improve team dynamics by creating cultures of belonging and open communication.

Accelerate Growth 

Unicorn Leaders create high purpose environments that inspire staff to exceed targets.


Meet Fahd Alhattab

Fahd Alhattab is a millennial workplace expert specializing in training startup managers, teams, and executives on Unicorn Leadership. 


Fahd founded Hatch, an entrepreneurship centre that launches, trains, and connects student-entrepreneurs with investors.


Fahd founded a camp for underprivileged children and has raised over $1.2M dollars for local charities in Ottawa.


Fahd founded and built a mobile technology company in his early twenties, raising over $100k capital, but eventually closed up shop to pursue other opportunities.


Fahd trains university educators on how to include experiential learning and leadership development in their courses.


Fahd has captivated and inspired over 50K people across North America to develop themselves as leaders.


Fahd has led an $8M organization with 150 staff and 15 direct reports.
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You're four steps away from transforming your startup culture.

1. Assessment

Communicate your human resources challenges and together, you and Fahd will develop a roadmap to achieve your leadership goals.

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2. Offsite Retreats

Provide a learning development experience for your team that will strengthen bonds and commitment to your startup.

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3. Ongoing Team Workshops

Implement ongoing team dynamics workshops to train your team on self-leadership and how to work effectively as a team.

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4. One-on-One Coaching

Train your managers on how to develop into unicorn leaders who build long-lasting startup teams. 

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Unicorn Leadership has transformed startups teams across the country. 

Reviews from customers who have taken our leadership training.

"Fahd helped us 10x our team and we couldn’t have done it without Unicorn Leadership."
Cassy Arite
Founder, Hoppier
"Every time I promote an employee to a manager, I hire Fahd for one-on-one coaching to fast track their leadership development. It works every time."
Sebastian Hadjiantoniou
CEO, Incuvers
"Fahd’s Unicorn Leadership training helped us overcome our team dynamics challenges. He truly transformed our culture from stuck to inspired.”
Fares Elsabbagh
CEO, Ottawa general contractors
“Fahd is an effective and charismatic speaker. I recommend his training to anyone looking to improve their team dynamics!”
Casey Helmer
Marketing Manager, GBATTERIES

Schedule a free consultation call
with Fahd.

You're a 15-minute call away from enhancing your
startup team's performance.

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