Career Conversations:
A guide to facilitate career development for learning, growth, and fulfilment.

Learn how to facilitate career development for learning, growth, and fulfilment. Are you looking for ways to help your team members grow in their careers and stay motivated at work?

Do you want to foster a culture of continuous learning and feedback in your organization? Do you want to reduce turnover and retain your top talent for longer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this e-book is for you.
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Your Employment Brand  Matters 

With limited resources, it can be hard to know where to invest your energy and focus.

People are your most valuable resource.

And, in a digital world where people are highly networked, the reputation of your Employment Brand matters more than it ever has before.

To create an attractive culture, accelerate business growth, and build unstoppable teams you need to start with attracting talent to you.

Download our FREE E-Book today and get access to our innovative and proven recruitment methods that have been used by start-ups just like yours to create a culture of collaboration.

You’ll learn the step-by-step methods for how to:

Why career conversations are essential for employee engagement and retention

How to prepare for and conduct effective career conversations with your team members

How to create a personalized career development gameplan for each individual

How to align your team members’ career goals with your organizational vision and strategy

How to measure and celebrate your team members’ progress and achievements

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Meet the Author
Fahd Alhattab is a workplace and leadership development expert specializing in training startup managers, teams, and executives on Unicorn Leadership. He’s now focused on bringing his client-based experience and the most current, relevant research to Unicorn Lab’s comprehensive enterprise leadership training.

Based on this foundation of all of the best practices, Fahd helps organizations build high-performing, unstoppable teams by transforming their managers into leaders. His focus is to bring his experience now working with clients and pulling on the latest organizational research to present all of the best practices of how to build high-performing teams in comprehensive enterprise leadership training.
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