Build A High-Performance Company

Develop Leaders that Scale Teams Without Costly Mistakes of Trial And Error
We help fast-growth startups transform their managers into leaders who create high performing teams that scale.
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100,000+ people trained by Unicorn Labs - Trusted by the Best Teams

Honestly now, is this the best way to
Build a High-Performing Company?

Promoting less experienced managers from within, without an adequate system and letting them sink or swim.
Inexperienced, untrained managers are poorly managing employees; trust me, they won't be staying for long.
Overworked managers who don't have the people management or strategic skills leading your company's growth.
You are leaving company culture to ad-hoc and unaligned manager decisions.
An underproducing team led by overworked managers leads to poor hiring decisions to stop the bleeding.
Executives are too busy to coach and mentor future leaders effectively or they, too, need the help.
Disengaged employees with costly and high turnover rates, depleting your resources and managers.
Imagine if you had a system for developing managers? How much better could your teams be performing?
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Your Current Leadership Development Likely Doesn't Work.
Whether it's simply trial and error, reading random advice from blogs, or getting managers to read 100s of outdated management books.
You don't have time to waste on trial-and-error management strategies.
Non-contexutalized leadership advice can hurt your managers growth.
Traditional Leadership Programs are broad, piecemeal, cookie-cutter, full of clichés, and miss the point entirely.
Nor do you want basic, self-guide, shallow management platitudes that any team can see right through as missing the mark.
You shouldn't need to audit 400 mini-courses and build your own frameworks.
Programs that don't specialize in Start-Ups teach your managers the WRONG principles.
Bad Managers
with Poor Leadership
are Costing You
Poor leadership will cost you directly through poor employee retention and indirectly through poor engagement. Think of the opportunity cost and the money you leave on the table because of underdeveloped leadership.
On average, for a Tech StartUp earning 5m - 10m in revenue, a poor manager could cost you -$436,250 and leave an increased earning potential of $1,008,000 on the table.

What if you had a systematized entrepreneurial leadership development program that unlocked your team's potential in as short as 12 weeks?

Increase your leaders' capacity and shortcut their learning transformation through a comprehensive, world-class leadership program backed with modern research and the latest best practices from Unicorn companies that teaches them the necessary skills to build and scale teams.
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Transform your managers into Unicorn Leaders
Managers influence 70% of employee performance. Leaders must become obsessed with creating high performing teams. That is why leadership development becomes your best return on investment to maximize the talent potential of your company.

Watch Video

Our Proprietary Leadership Secrets:

Six Steps to High Performing Teams
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Full Online Learning


Live-Coaching Sessions


Customized to Your Company


Comprehensive Development


Blend of Practical & Academic Learnings


On-going access to learning content post training


Cohort based Learning



Step 1
Unicorn Leadership & Team Assessment and Diagnostics
To ensure our programs work, we customize them to your team's needs. We always begin with leadership, team dynamics, and eNPS scores. Our assessments allow us to hold our programs accountable to our data.

🧑🏻 “What if we already do our Culture Assessments.”

We start with working with your People & Culture team to analyze your current needs and build a custom Learning and Development Plan for your leaders.
Step 2
Meet Your Coach and Cohort at the Unicorn Kick-off!
Gather your managers together for a Unicorn Leadership Kick-off call! Schedule your 12-Cohort Coaching Calls, meet your coach, and create excitement for a transformative journey ahead.

🧑🏾 “Will all of our managers be together in the same cohort?”

We create internal cohorts. All our clients have private cohort groups of at most eight people, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Managers commit 1.5 hours for coaching calls
Step 3
Access the Online Unicorn Leadership Platform
Easily create a profile. Once you log in, get access to 30+ hours worth of learning video content, resources, templates, worksheets and more! Templates, SOPs and checklists that will help your leaders implement.

Leaders will have lifetime access to the course to act as their guide and toolbox no matter the situation they face beyond the program.

👩🏼 “Will the learning platform be overwhelming? What is the time commitment?”

Our world-class leadership program is easy to follow, and we take our cohorts step by step through the journey. This ensures it's easy to use and allows them the space to digest the material. Managers commit 1.5 hours per module.
Step 4
High-Performance Coaching
All your managers will be coached by high-growth tech leaders that focus on skills, mindset, and habits that will help them drive team performance and growth.

🧑🏼 “Is your coaching customized to our needs?”

While our programs have a consistent foundation, they are all customized, tailored and contextualized to the specific challenges of your team.
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This is Why 100s of Customers Love
The Unicorn Leadership Program

star star star star star
I’ve been thoroughly impressed by your profound knowledge and deep understanding of the material you present. Clearly, your expertise has been cultivated over a lifetime of learning. Equally remarkable is your ability to consistently steer discussions back to how everything relates to the content, which is undeniably excellent. Having participated in various leadership and team workshops over the years, I’m not typically a cynical person. However, none of those experiences had the transformative impact on behavior that I’ve witnessed in this program. It’s as if we’ve struck gold with the Unicorn Labs program, and Amanda’s brilliance is undeniable.
Maureen Weeks
Director of Finance, StellarAlgo
star star star star star
Unicorn Labs gave the team exactly the type of experience they needed to develop skills and rapport with one another to provide a noticeable impact on team performance. Fahd turned even the most skeptical participants into engaged participants with his energy, charisma, and relatability. The exercises and lessons learned were perfect to not only make the team better but also to positively influence engagements with stakeholders, partners, and customers.
Craig Handy
Previous Head of Revenue Automation, Tooling, & Enablement - Global Revenue Technology & Operations, Shopify
star star star star star
Unicorn Labs has been fantastic for our organization for nearly three years now. I work with Fahd monthly, and he and his team are phenomenal. He’s helped us grow our company and dramatically improve our company culture. I’ve worked with other training organizations before and none come even close. I can’t recommend them enough.
Samuel Witherspoon
Co-Founder and CEO, IMRSV

These Companies Are Already Building A High-Performing Team, When Will You?

Unicorn Labs is already helping teams just like yours to transform their managers into leaders that build high-performing teams that scale.
The Unicorn Leaders Promise
A 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If you or your team members are unsatisfied by the leadership transformation, receive a total refund.
📞 Book a FREE Strategy Session with our Team
🧪 Co-curate a Learning & Development Plan for your Leaders
📄 Walk-through our detailed Leadership Curriculum
5-star hands-on onboarding and support at all times
⚙️ A systemized leadership development program right for your team
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In this Strategy Session we'll focus on evaluating your current leadership development process, your problems and goals and see how Unicorn Labs can help you get better results, faster.
Learn About Our Six-Step System for Building High Performing Teams
70% of the variance in employee engagement is determined solely by the manager.

Give them the tools to perform at their best, and improve employee engagement. When employee engagement is high, the business succeeds and increases its potential to continue to scale faster and better.

Learn about our proprietary six-step system in the following case study.
Access Six-Step System
Unpack the Program Curriculum
Receive the curriculum in your inbox
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Frequently Asked Questions
What does it include?

Our Unicorn Leadership Training Program is a virtual 12-week program that catapults your managers from good to great! Program participants are asked to complete assessments, take in the videos from each module, and complete the relevant weekly action items. We recommend bringing any pressing leadership challenges and questions to our weekly live group coaching sessions to enhance learning, strengthen their peer-to-peer bonds, and take an active role in their learning journey! And of course, it includes all of the leadership frameworks and resources for them to use their role to create a tangible positive impact on your team.

Why is this better than using open source content?

While there are pre-set elements to this training along with a structured curriculum, we have the unique capacity to use the assessment results to customize our programming to suit the identified needs of your organization and the leaders in the cohort. This creates a scalable system to create long-term transformation that is shared by your leadership team, where once a week, there is an opportunity to speak to your coach in real time, bring up questions, and learn from within a group setting.

How is this better than one-on-one coaching?

The fundamental difference between one-on-one coaching and our programming is that in this setting, your managers have the opportunity and time to learn from each other and the content itself. Leadership development doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We give your team the exact steps to advance their leadership skills and teach them how to apply it in real time. Learning together as a cohort creates stronger relationships and improved camaraderie. With us, you’re getting a personalized program rather than open-source and significant long-term transformational learning.

What makes Fahd qualified to teach the program?

Fahd has over a decade of experience leading teams. He has led an organization with over 150 staff, built multiple startups, and combined his first-person experience with literature and up-to-date research to create Unicorn Labs’ proprietary Six Levels of High-Performing Teams Framework on which our whole program is based.

This framework takes managers on a learning journey through these six levels and elevates their skill set, tool set and mindset to achieve next-level success and make a lasting change in their behaviour.

How can I be confident this program works for different learning styles?

Part of the inclusive nature of the program is that our asynchronous content can be absorbed by watching the videos, listening to the audio, or reading the transcript, and all at the pace that suits their learning style within the week of the corresponding module. In addition, we wrap every module with a live coaching session where we use miro boards to inform our discussions so people can participate at their comfort level. We have found that keeping the cohorts smaller encourages even the quietest of managers to participate.

How much administrative work is required?

Every enterprise client is assigned an Account Manager who will handle your onboarding experience. Our job is to make it as seamless as possible for your organization. All we ask of you is to ensure that your teams complete the required assessments so we can make the program as impactful as possible. After that, the cohort members are responsible for keeping up with their modules and assigned tasks, and we take it from there!

How do I ensure that the managers stay engaged throughout the program?

Our Unicorn Leadership programming is designed to be an immersive learning experience that keeps managers engaged. With new content released weekly and assessments and action items to ensure the material is being implemented, we hold our cohorts accountable by wrapping up every module with live coaching calls with their peers to discuss the previous week’s material.

We’re already so busy, so what kind of time commitment are we talking about here?

Your managers can expect to put in 1.5 hours per module throughout the program, capped by a 1.5-hour live coaching call. Sound heavy? We’ve got you covered; we also offer this program over a 24-week period to lighten the lift on your end and give you some of that time back.

How many of my leaders can I enroll?

We have found that the transformational learning value of a cohort-based model starts to decline after 8-10 participants as the comfort level with sharing decreases as a cohort grows. Don’t let that discourage you if you’ve got a bigger team; we will happily run multiple cohorts at a time for your organization!

But my managers aren’t at the same experience level, can you still accommodate us?

Depending on the size of your team, oftentimes, we will create different cohorts by level. Our experience has shown us that when mid-level managers, VPs and C-suite executives are in the same cohort, the level of openness and sharing can be impacted. If you only have one or two executives with your other managers, we also provide 1:1 coaching. Let us know your thoughts, and we’ll find a solution!

Will this be financially worth it?

Poor leadership will cost you directly through poor employee retention and indirectly through poor engagement. On average, for a Tech StartUp earning 5M - 10M in revenue, a poor manager could cost you -$436,250 and leave an increased earning potential of $1,008,000 on the table. The question should be: Can you afford not to invest in leadership development?

Why would we invest in external leadership training rather than in-house programming?

Developing an in-house training system is an expensive investment, often requiring new hires, research, investing in a learning platform, and navigating large-scale organizational change.

By investing in Unicorn Labs as your training partner, we will instill your team with a common leadership language, a growth mindset, a tactical leadership toolbox, and LIFETIME access to an established learning platform as long as they are with your organization. Let us handle the change for you and take a load off!

What kind of record of completion will our managers receive?

All graduates from our Unicorn Leadership Program will receive a completion certificate through Credly and a hard copy that they can then display proudly!

If you don’t, someone else will!

4-5 clients (on average) call me for projects every week but I only have time to work with 2 per month.

Will you be one of them? 👇