Elevate your team performance with this leadership training program for managers.

Improve employee engagement and build a high performance work culture in 12-weeks.

Only a shocking 15% of today’s workforce is engaged. Your organization can beat the odds if they invest in their managers.

Watch the video below to learn why manager's are a great force in your business's success.

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Do the following scenarios sound familiar?

Do your managers know how to lead their team through change at the pace your organization has grown?

Is your leadership capacity lagging behind the growth of your business?

Are your employees asking for more career development opportunities?

Do you want to build an organizational culture of high performance and peak productivity?

Do you want to protect your organization from office politics?

Our solution

Invest in your managers.

70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager. When employee engagement is down, the entire business suffers.

Overcome your people operations problems by training lousy managers into exceptional leaders.
Leadership Training

Leadership Training Program for Managers

The only training program you need to advance the leadership capacity of your entire organization. 

Leadership Training Program for Managers

About our Leadership Development Program

The Audience

The Audience


The Goal

The Goal

Improve the Culture of Your Business

Course Length

Course Length

12 Weeks 

Course Format

Course Format

Online and Live Group Coaching

What is it?

Unicorn Leadership Training is a 12-week program with self-directed online learning, group coaching, and weekly changes for managers. The course trains managers how to inspire employees and build high performing teams.

How does it work?

Managers will complete assessments, watch the videos, complete the weekly challenges, use the provided leadership models, frameworks, and resources in their day-to-day roles as manager. If they ask questions during group coaching and follow the process, they will transform the culture of their team.

Who is it for?

The Unicorn Leadership Training course is for managers in high growth organizations who need leadership skills that fit the demands of their evolving culture. This scalable training is suited for managers across departments and time zones.

Where does it happen?

The Unicorn Leadership Training program is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live group coaching calls, and a Slack community for program participants. Managers can work at their own pace and will have lifetime access to the course.

When does it start?

We are now accepting applicants to the Winter 2021 cohort, beginning in March 2021.
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Why does it exist?

We created the Unicorn Leadership Training course to provide companies a scalable and affordable solution to leadership development training for managers.


Our leadership development training program for managers is backed by research and happy clients.

We hired Unicorn Labs to train first time managers on our team. Unicorn Labs was instrumental in giving us education and tactics for conflict management, project management processes, and gave us strategies on how to improve our communication skills as a team.
Alida Burke
COO, Growcer
The team at Unicorn labs is professional and provides exceptional customer services. Their training has provided my organization with a lot of value. Fahd is extremely passionate about what he does and he is great at it too.
Fares Elsabbagh
CEO, Ottawa General Contractors
What sold me was self-directed learning. Our managers have a lot on their plates and apprecIated that they could work at their own pace and have lifetime access to the videos. The tools and lessons taught in the course has and continues to improve the confidence and leadership I see in our managers.
Sebastian Hadjiantoniou
CEO, INcuvers
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  4. A scalable system for improving employee development and performance
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Leadership Development Program Framework

Unicorn Labs provides your managers what they need to lead teams effectively. Our lessons educate the audience on leadership frameworks, worksheets, case studies, and weekly challenges where managers can implement the lessons learned each week.
Real-world Application
Real-World Application

No two managers have identical leadership challenges. 360 degree leadership assessments, team assessments, and DISC personality tests provide individualized learning paths.

Building Blocks
Building Blocks

The Unicorn Leadership framework is timeless and will have a lifelong impact on the manager’s leadership development journey.


Get 24/7 access to experts in our course Slack community, weekly livestream Q&A's, and email.

Real-World Goals
Real-World Goals

Certificates and degrees are abstractions that don't reflect reality and give false entitlement. Our students don't get certificates, they aim for, optimize and achieve the real-world goal.

Asynchronous Training
Asynchronous Training

The world doesn’t stop when our training begins. Our pre-recorded training sessions transcend time zones, geographic barriers, and busy schedules.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access

Purchase the program once and receive lifetime access to the training, community, and instant access to all program additions.

Real-world Feedback
Real-World Feedback

Learning requires feedback so students can measure progress and iterate actions to improve. Our students get feedback from the market, not quizzes, tests or assignments.

Mental Reprogramming
Mental Reprogramming

The #1 killer of education is psychological, not logical. For managers to learn and evolve, we must reprogram their minds to enhance awareness, cognition, and remove delusions.

Unicorn Leadership Modules

Unicorn Labs provides your managers what they need to lead teams effectively. Our lessons educate the audience on leadership frameworks, worksheets, case studies, and weekly challenges where managers can implement the lessons learned each week.

Get to know your instructor, Fahd Alhattab, and how to use the training app. Then get introduced to a full overview of the program and education on the leadership development taught in the course.


  • Program Overview: Overview of the modules and learning objectives 
  • Course Expectations: Accountability measures for students
  • Mental Models: High-level mindset shifts required to excel as a leader
  • Framework: An overview of the six levels of Unicorn Leadership and Team Development
  • Examples of results we’ve seen and that you’re going to get

Week 1: Fundamentals

Improve team dynamics, engagement, and work performance by instilling a team culture of psychological safety.


  • Psychological Safety: Concept overview and case study 
  • Belonging: Connect team members to one another 
  • Vulnerability: Building a culture where employees aren’t afraid to take risks

Week 2: Create psychological safety

Make small behavioural shifts to improve manager-employee and employee-employee relationships on the team.


  • Emotional Intelligence: Overview of the components of EQ 
  • Self-Awareness: How the four personality types work together on a team
  • Motivation: Motivate using autonomy, mastery, and purpose
  • Connection: Create stronger bonds of loyalty amongst team members

Week 3: Primal leadership and Developing Emotional intelligence

Empower decision-making by selecting the right people for the right roles on the team.


  • Empowerment: Concept overview and case study 
  • Team Composition: Build a highly effective team structure 
  • Role Clarity: Clarify how individual roles contribute to the team and organizational goals 
  • Decision-Making: Remove friction from decision-making

Week 4: Empower Your Team Through Role Structure and Clarity

Improve communication channels and processes within the team


  • Communication Tactics: Best practices and key concepts 
  • Communication Channels: Create transparency and alignment across the organization
  • Online Communication: Best practices for leading a virtual team 
  • Public Speaking: Storytelling and effective use of language

Week 5: Uncover How to Effectively Communicate

Embrace open communication and productive conflict so everyone feels heard.


  • Productive Conflict: Create a culture of effective feedback 
  • DISC Communicators: Influence and persuade team members
  • Conflict Management: Harness the power of conflict as a journey to better idea
  • Office Politics: Embrace conflict as a path to better ideas

Week 6: Embrace Productive Conflict and Feedback

Empower all team members to act as leaders and hold each other accountable.


  • Culture of Leadership: Concept overview and case study 
  • Leadership Fluidity: Create peer-to-peer accountability 
  • Employee Performance: Tactics for engaging the workforce 
  • Mindset: Develop a team growth mindset

Week 7: Build a Culture of Leadership

Invest in the personal development of team members by coaching them in their leadership skills.


  • The Coach Approach: Concept overview and impact of coaching 
  • One-on-One: Maximize individual coaching opportunities 
  • Employee Satisfaction: Goal setting and career mapping for employees

Week 8: Become a Coach, Develop Your Team

Train team members to understand how their individual contributions lead to the success of the business.


  • Contribution: Tactics for connecting team members to the company goals
  • Recognition: Incentivizing and recognizing high performance
  • Purpose: Help team members find personal and professional fulfillment

Week 9: Create a Sense of Purpose, Impact, and Contribution

Harness the power of culture to create change and introduce a new vision for the team.


  • All-Encompassing Vision: Align the team 
  • Change Management: Improve individual and team adaptability 
  • Retain Talent: Fight to protect your high-performance unit

Week 10: Create a Culture and All-Encompassing Vision

Understand how to hire high performance and to move through the stages of team building productively.


  • Embrace Continuous Change through the Team Building Cycle: Improve individual and team adaptability
  • Team Composition: Learn better hiring practices and how to pick the right people for the right roles to create a high-performing team
  • Employer Brand: Establish your role, as the manager, in attracting top talent, from on-boarding to exit interviews
  • Letting People Go: Discover the right way to let someone go and ensure you maintain a healthy team
  • Retain High Performing Talent: Fight to protect your high-performance unit

Week 11: Team building cycle and team composition

Understand management's role in the success of the organization.


  • Unicorn Leadership: Concept and framework overview
  • Leadership Pitfalls: Become aware of common management mistakes 
  • Mental Models: Mindset shifts required to build a high performing team
  • Employer Brand: A manager’s role in attracting top talent to the organization

Week 12: The unicorn leader


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