Become the transformative manager your team members will always remember.

The Unicorn Leadership Development Program trains managers how to lead and coach employees with confidence in just 12-weeks.

Here’s a summary of everything you get:

5.0 (96 ratings)

Lifetime access to 12-weeks of online learning modules and exclusive community for managers

Downloadable worksheets, templates, management frameworks, and team activities

Team Dynamics Assessment and Leadership 360 Assessments that track your leadership transformation

DISC Workplace Behaviour Assessment to learn how to leverage and adapt your personality to the situation

Weekly live group coaching calls with Fahd Alhattab who will keep you accountable to your goals

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About the Unicorn Leadership Development Program

The Audience

The Audience


The Goal

The Goal

Become a coach

Course Length

Course Length

12 Weeks 

Course Format

Course Format

Online and Live Group Coaching

What is it?

Unicorn Leadership Training is a 12-week leadership development program for managers who want to become respected and sought-after leaders in their organization.

How does it work?

Complete assessments to determine your current leadership score and health of your team. Complete the weekly action items, group coaching calls, and apply the leadership frameworks to your role. Then retake the assessments to determine how much you've grown.

Who is it for?

This program is for managers who want a roadmap to become an effective leader. They must be willing to let go of their egos and put in the emotional labour required to serve their team to the best of their ability.

Where does it happen?

The Unicorn Leadership Training program is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live group coaching calls, and a community for program participants. Managers can work at their own pace and will have lifetime access to the course.

When does it start?

We accept customers on a rolling basis. The moment you purchase the program, you will have access to it. Click here to see if you qualify for the program.

Why does it exist?

There is a lot of leadership training material available but none that specifically guides startup managers through a leadership development journey. We build the program specifically for managers in high-growth environments who are expected to lead their teams through change.

“Fahd Alhattab is born to teach leadership development. He has walked the talk and his leadership principles are backed by research. As a data-driven guy, I appreciated the fact your leadership development metrics are tracked and measured to see how much you've grown.”


CEO, WebMarketers

Program inclusions

Our program includes relevant content you can put into practice immediately.

Transformational Curriculum

The #1 killer of education is psychological, not logical. In order to learn and evolve, you must reprogram you mind to enhance awareness, cognition, and remove delusions, so you can act like a leader. You'll learn how to optimize your behaviour to play to your strengths and overcome your weakness to come out as your best self on the other side.

Leadership and Team Assessments

No two managers have identical leadership challenges. Using 360 degree Leadership Assessments, Team Assessments, and DISC Personality Tests, we provide individualized learning paths to guide managers through their unique leadership challenges.


You'll have access to weekly live group coaching calls with Fahd Alhattab. These sessions will hold you accountable to put what you learned each week into practice. 

As a part of the program, you'll also get access to our course community where you can receive 24hr support from a member of our team or chat leadership with program alumni.


Everything you get from the program.

This 12-week intensive course includes online workshops and group coaching designed to guide managers through a leadership development journey that will advance their careers and help them do the same for the people they manage.

Unicorn Leadership Training™️

5.0 (96 ratings)

Lifetime access to 12-weeks of online learning modules (40+ hours of content) that can be watched, listened to, or read

Worksheets, templates, management frameworks, and team activities readily available for download

Team Dynamics and Leadership 360 Review Assessment that track your growth before and after the program

DISC Workplace Behaviour Assessment to learn how to leverage and adapt your personality to the situation

Access to the Unicorn Leadership Community for peer mentorship and 24hr support

Weekly live Group Coaching calls with Fahd Alhattab for additional learning and accountability

Our Leadership Philosophy

Get to Know Your Leadership Trainer

Led by Leadership Expert, Fahd Alhattab, the Unicorn Leadership Training Program trains managers how to become coaches capable of managing conflict and building a highly engaged team culture.

What we cover each week in the program.

Intensive leadership development training with clear goals and action items to keep you accountable.

A full overview of the program and education on the leadership development program taught in the course.


  • 1.1 The Future of Leadership: What has changed over the past 30 years?
  • 1.2 Unicorn Leadership Philosophy: The high-level mindset shifts required to excel as a leader.
  • 1.3 The Six Levels of High Performing Teams: Why building a high-performing team should be a manager's single focus.

Week 1: Fundamentals

Improve team dynamics, engagement, and work performance by instilling a team culture of psychological safety.


  • 2.1 Psychological Safety: Concept overview and case study.
  • 2.2 Creating a Sense of Belonging: Learn how to create connections among team members.
  • 2.3 Vulnerable Leadership: Build a culture where employees aren’t afraid to take risks.
  • 2.4. Understanding Through Lines: Learn and understand DISC, emotional intelligence, and learning culture.
  • 2.5 DISC: Recognize that leadership is understanding each person on your team and their needs.

Week 2: Create Psychological Safety

Make small behavioural shifts to improve manager-employee and employee-employee relationships on the team.


  • 3.1 Primal Leadership: Learn about the power of emotional intelligence. 
  • 3.2 Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Overview of the components of EQ. 
  • 3.3 Personal Emotional Competencies: Improve your self-management and self-awareness. 
  • 3.4 Social-Emotional Competencies: Learn strategies to enhance your social awareness and create improved interactions with your team. 
  • 3.5 Five-Steps to Improving Your Emotional Intelligence
  • 3.6 How to Read the Results of Your Emotional Intelligence Test

Week 3: Develop Emotional Intelligence

Empower decision-making by selecting the right people for the right roles on the team.


  • 4.1 Empowerment: Concept overview and case study.  
  • 4.2 The Difference Between Management and Leadership 
  • 4.3 Structure and Role Clarity: Show individuals how their contributions advance the team and organization’s goals. 
  • 4.4 Decision-Making: Remove friction from decision-making. 
  • 4.5 Learning the Art of Delegation: Understand why effective delegation leads to greater empowerment. 
  • 4.6 Effective Listening: Learn tactics to improve your listening skills. 
  • 4.7 Project Planning: Master the creation of project road maps.
  • 4.8 Goal Setting: Explore more effective goal setting methods such as establishing better priorities with OKRs.

Week 4: Empower Your Team Through Role Structure and Clarity

Improve communication channels and processes within the team.


  • 5.1 Effective Communication Overview: Understand the elements of better communication tactics.  
  • 5.2 Team Coordination and Free Flow of Information: Learn better techniques and strategies to improve team communication. 
  • 5.3 Becoming a Strong Facilitator for Productive Meetings: Facilitate meetings that give your teammates an effective and mission-driven voice.
  • 5.4 Influencing and Persuading: Master the art of storytelling and effective use of language.

Week 5: Uncover How to Effectively Communicate

Embrace open communication and productive conflict so everyone feels heard.


  • 6.1 Embracing Productive Conflict Leads to Effective Communication
  • 6.2 Conflict Styles: Understand how individual personalities affect how people approach conflict.
  • 6.3 How to Give Effective on-Going Feedback: Create a feedback culture where teammates are excited and look forward to peer inputs.
  • 6.4 Conflict Management: Recognize that conflict will allow you to reach more innovative solutions.
  • 6.5 Create Commitment Through the Rumble: Use productive conflict to foster stronger team commitment.

Week 6: Embrace Productive Conflict and Feedback

Empower all team members to act as leaders and hold each other accountable.


  • 7.1 Culture of Leadership: Concept overview and case study. 
  • 7.2 Leadership Styles: Identify and discuss the six styles of leadership. 
  • 7.3 Fluid Leadership Styles: Discover how to be fluid across different leadership styles.  
  • 7.4 Transformational Versus Transactional Leadership: Learn to focus on long-term results instead of the immediate situation. 
  • 7.5 Team Leadership: Create peer-to-peer accountability. 
  • 7.6 How to Use and Read Your 360-Degree Leadership Assessment

Week 7: Build a Culture of Leadership

Invest in the personal development of team members with coaching.


  • 8.1 The Coach Approach: Concept overview and the impact of coaching. 
  • 8.2 Creating Peer to Peer Accountability: Create constant short bursts of feedback.
  • 8.3 Employee Performance: Learn new approaches for engaging your team members in the workplace.
  • 8.4 The Art of the One-on-One: Maximize individual coaching opportunities.

Week 8: Become a Coach, Develop Your Team

Train team members to understand how their individual contributions lead to the success of the business. 


  • 9.1 Creating a Learning Culture: Master how to unlock and accelerate employee development.
  • 9.2 Impact and Contribution: Learn tactics for connecting team members to company goals.
  • 9.3 Investing in Team Recognition: Incentivize and recognize high performance.
  • 9.4 Value Alignment: Align personal values with team values.

Week 9: Create a Sense of Purpose, Impact, and Contribution

Harness the power of culture to create change and introduce a new vision for the team.


  • 10.1 All-Encompassing Vision: Create a vision and align the team. 
  • 10.2 Create a High Purpose Environment 
  • 10.3 Removing Ego Leadership: Create space for humility and stop letting your ego get in the way of enhancing your leadership capacities. 
  • 10.4 Creating Strategic Plans: Understand the power of strategic alignment across your teams.

Week 10: Create a Culture and an All-Encompassing Vision

Understand how to hire high performance and manage the employee lifecycle.

  • 11.1 Embrace Continuous Change through the Team Building Cycle: Improve individual and team adaptability. 
  • 11.2 Team Composition: Learn better hiring practices and how to pick the right people for the right roles to create a high-performing team. 
  • 11.3 Employer Brand:  Establish your role, as the manager, in attracting top talent, from on-boarding to exit interviews. 
  • 11.4 Letting People Go: Discover the right way to let someone go and ensure you maintain a healthy team. 
  • 11.5 Retain High Performing Talent: Fight to protect your high-performance unit.

Week 11: Team Building Cycle and Team Composition

Understand management's role in the success of the organization.

  • 12.1 Unicorn Leadership: Concept and framework overview. 
  • 12.2 Leadership Pitfalls: Become aware of common leadership traps that even the best fall victim to.
  • 12.3 Mental Models: Realize that mental models and perspective shifts are the most powerful tool in your leadership journey.
  • 12.4 The Values of a Unicorn Leader: Bring it all together with a Unicorn Leader that will multiply team performance by 10x.
  • 12.5 What Now? 

Week 12: The Unicorn Leader


Our leadership development training program for managers is backed by research and happy clients.

We hired Unicorn Labs to train first time managers on our team. Unicorn Labs was instrumental in giving us education and tactics for conflict management, project management processes, and gave us strategies on how to improve our communication skills as a team.
Alida Burke
COO, Growcer
The team at Unicorn Labs is professional and provides exceptional customer service. Their training has provided my organization with a lot of value. Fahd is extremely passionate about what he does and he is great at it too.
Fares Elsabbagh
CEO, Ottawa General Contractors
What sold me was self-directed learning. Our managers have a lot on their plates and appreciated that they could work at their own pace and have lifetime access to the videos. The tools and lessons taught in the course significantly improved their confidence.
Sebastian Hadjiantoniou
CEO, INcuvers

A structured approach to career development will change you for the better—if you’re willing to invest in yourself. 

Our program costs $3,000 (one-time payment). Compare that to the price from one-on-one coaching and years saved through countless lessons of trial and error, it’s really a steal.

If you’re an ambitious manager who genuinely cares about the people you lead and are willing to put in the work required to serve them better, this program will be one of the highest-ROI investments you can make in your professional career.

Individual membership
One Time Payment
12-week structured program designed to advance a manager's leadership and team building capabilities
40+ hours of recorded training available to watch, listen, or read
x12 group coaching calls for built-in accountability and mentorship
+30 supplementary materials available for download
Team Assessment, Leadership 360 Assessment, and DISC Personality Assessment
Lifetime access to the program materials and our alumni community of managers

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it include?

The Unicorn Leadership Training Program is a virtual 12-week program that advances a manager's leadership capabilities from good to great. You'll complete assessments, watch the videos, and complete the weekly challenges. We provide leadership models, frameworks, and resources for you to use in your day-to-day role as manager. Ask questions during group coaching, follow the process, transform the culture of your team.

How is this better than one-on-one coaching?

The difference between a one-on-one coaching program and the Unicorn Leadership Training program is that the former helps you tackle challenges or overcome obstacles as they come, whereas the latter guides you through a leadership development transformation. Coaches guide you. We train you.

Can't I find this information in a book?

We acknowledge that leadership resources are abundant online, so let us explain how this program is different. The Unicorn Leadership development process is linear. We give you the exact steps to advance your leadership skills and teach you how to apply it to your team in real-time as a manager. The program is designed by managers, for managers. And the content reflects that.

What if I can't finish it in time?

When you enrol in the Unicorn Leadership training program, you will have lifetime access to training videos, tools, templates, the online community of program alumni. You'll also have access to Fahd Alhattab's monthly office hours for program alumni! 

Although you can take as long as you need to complete the program, we recommend holding yourself accountable to the 12-week program schedule to maximize the results. If you want to see a transformation on how you lead, there's no shortcuts—you have to work for it. 

How much does it cost?

Our program costs $3,000(one-time payment). Compare that to the price from one-on-one coaching and years saved through countless lessons of trial and error, it’s really a steal. 

If you’re an ambitious manager who genuinely cares about the people you lead and are willing to put in the work required to serve them better, this program will be one of the highest-ROI investments you can make in your professional career.

Do you have enterprise packages?

If you have a team of over five managers who would benefit in a shared leadership development experience, you qualify for our enterprise packages. Enterprise packages include an Account Manager and weekly group coaching calls specifically for your team.

If you want to hear more about the benefits of our enterprise packages, book a call with us here.