Your startup culture shouldn't feel like a battleground.

If these scenarios sound familiar, the health of your startup culture may be at stake:

Fear of Feedback

People shy away from feedback to prevent getting penalized.

Confused Workforce

Your team is confused about their roles and responsibilities.

Unclear Decisions

Decision-making conversations go in circles.

Lack of Ownership

One leader is calling all of the shots.


Our hands on workshops enable all personalities to shine.

We know the loudest person in the room is the most likely to be heard. That’s why we’ve adopted a workshop process that creates inclusive environments for participation and collaborative problem-solving.

1. Team Assessment

Before our workshop programs begin, we provide workplace behaviour tests to learn about your team dynamics.

3. Patterns and Insights

Fahd will evaluate and identify shortfalls in your team dynamics.

5. Team Brainstorming

As a group, you’ll brainstorm solutions that align with the workshop theme and come to a group consensus.

2. Interactive Team Activity

Each workshop begins with a team activity to assess how you collaborate as a group.

4. Individual Reflection

All team members will be asked to reflect on the team observations.

6. Concept Lesson

Fahd will close the workshop with an educational lesson to recap the workshop outcomes and provide next steps for your team.

We’ll develop a custom workshop package for you.

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Explore our team building seminars and leadership workshops.

Our workshop programs are designed to improve team dynamics, enable creative problem solving, and want to reignite the passion for your startup.

Unpack the Competencies of Management

This workshop will train you on the technical skills of management, including project management, delegation, setting objectives, hiring, and more.

  • Raise the standards of your team
  • Increase the operational efficiency of the team
  • Harness team priorities
  • Create clear roles, structure, and empower decision-making

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

This workshop challenges you to look inward and learn how to make small behavioural shifts to improve relationships with your team members.

  • Develop deeper relationships with each team member 
  • Understand what motivates each team member
  • Create stronger bonds of loyalty 
  • Create happiness and joy in the team

Uncover How to Effectively Communicate

This workshop explores how to embrace open communication and healthy disagreements to reach wholistic solutions where everyone feels heard.

  • Create transparency and alignment across the organization
  • Embrace conflict as a path to better ideas
  • Persuasively communicate to different personalities
  • Improve your public speaking skills

Become a Coach and Develop Your Team

This workshop teaches you how to help individuals reach their career goals by training them how to become effective leaders.

  • Accelerate growth of emerging leaders to their full potential
  • Retain employees who are being trained and mentored
  • Create a refreshed culture of accountability
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Empower of individuals to be disruptive

Create Culture, Vision, and Change

This workshop empowers you to develop a workplace culture that will attract, recruit, and retain top talent.

  • Team alignment on corporate vision and strategy
  • Stronger team response to change management
  • Ability to weather industry shifts
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Create a culture of leadership
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workshop PROGRAM for managers

Manager Training: Become a Unicorn Leader

Front-line managers have the single largest impact on your organization. Through a series of lessons, worksheets, and exercises, Fahd will train your managers on the five levels of self-development required to grow into unicorn leaders — leaders who build cultures that retain and develop your top-talent into leaders themselves. When managers know how to engage and motivate your staff they increase productivity and profitability for your startup.

Note that all workshop programs can be customized to your needs.

Our leadership development workshops put a spotlight on your team dynamics.

Build Trust and Belonging in Your Team

This workshop trains your team to become self-aware of their own and team member's personality types so they can become a better team player.

1. Learn to create psychological safety within the team
2. Develop vulnerability with team members
3. Understand the effectiveness of belonging cues
4. Learn what different personalities need for trust and belonging

Empower Team Members to Make Decision

This workshop sets clear roles and expectations for your team so they are empowered to make decisions and practice leadership.

1. Empower decision-making across all levels of your organization
2. Clarify roles and responsibilities for your team
3. Learn to set clear team objectives and key results
4. Set a new standard for accountability

Embrace a Culture of Productive Conflict

This workshops flips communication conventions on its head by teaching your team the importance of productive conflict.

1. Initiate difficult conversations with your team
2. Learn how to have productive disagreements with your manager
3. Gain the confidence to give constructive feedback
4. Improve written and verbal communication skills

Create a Culture of Leadership

This workshop holds individuals accountable to contribute to the corporate culture by practicing everyday leadership.

1. Accelerate growth of emerging leaders
2. Create a refreshed culture of accountability, ownership, and performance
3. Improve relationships within your team
4. Increase employee satisfaction

Connect Jobs with Personal Meaning

This workshop is designed to help your team understand how their individual contributions lead to the success of your startup.

1. Help team members find personal and professional fulfillment
2. Create effective recognition systems for team members
3. Outline impact and contribution focused goals 
4. Connect corporate goals and objectives to everyday daily grind

Develop an All Encompassing Company Vision

This collaborative workshop challenges your team to rethink or align on your company vision.

1. Develop meaningful corporate values, purpose, and vision
2. Identify changes to your organization structure
3. Retain top talent develop by communicating a clear company strategy
4. Create a culture of leadership
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workshop program for teams

Team Training: Strengthen Your Startup Team

In a face-paced startup, your success depends on the strength of your team. In this workshop, Fahd will train your staff on self-leadership and how to improve their communication, decision-making, and collaboration skills to work more effectively with their colleagues. Your staff will learn to navigate the common pitfalls in team dynamics and understand their role in executing the vision for your organization.

Note that all workshop programs can be customized to your needs.

You’re one step away from advancing the leadership capacity across all levels of your startup. 🚀
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Reconnect Your Team to the Business

Five reasons to book a workshop program:
Enhance team performance.

Learn leadership building practices that help you coach and level-up your team.

Increase project ownership.

Empower staff to develop project plans and bring new ideas to the table.

Increase trust in leadership.

Develop a transparent culture where staff embrace change in the organization.

Improve communication channels.

Communicate more often and effectively with every personality type on your team.

Develop a Clear Roadmap.

Align all levels of your team with a concise annual roadmap with clear KPIs.

Startups who have experienced our WORKSHOPS

We’ll develop a custom workshop package for you.

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What people have said who have a Unicorn Labs leadership development program. 

Are you interested in booking a team building seminar or workshop in 2020?

"Now if I make a mistake on our team, it is not held against me.”
Moss Elmouftaquir
Accountant, Human Concern International
“The work I do for our team is meaningful to me and I understand how our team’s work contributes to the organization's goals.”
Tim Sherstyuk
Chief commercial officer, gbatteries
“Our team has an effective decision-making process.”
David Oladejo
President, CUSA
“When my teammates say they’ll do something, they follow through with it.”
Nia Bruno-Gibson
lead people and organization, acadium
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