Develop Unicorn Leaders to build unstoppable teams

What if I told you the ONE competitive advantage to building out your startup...

Already exists INSIDE your company ‘walls’ but is largely untapped would propel you past your competition in leaps and bounds could make strides to achieve it in 12 weeks or less

WITHOUT...leaving your workspace or breaking the bank! 

Mind-blowing, right?


First, let’s talk about what your startup is up against in our TRUE digital age...

Global Disruption

With global disruption & uncertainty which has only exponentially grown more complex with the pandemic, it’s difficult to predict the direction of the economy and to know the full impact on your market & your company.

Global Competition

With FULL-ON global competition , millions of new startups worldwide are emerging every year to tap into a bigger audience. Combine those new ones in your industry with existing giants, well that adds up to MASSIVE global competition.

Harder Forecasting

Forecasting has become harder so companies are scrambling to revise financial models with far too many unknowns...only to change them again as the pandemic takes another dip & unexpected turn with no real end in sight.
But you didn’t go into business to just survive among your competitors in a world changing at warp speed.You did it to be a leader in your industry and be successful beyond your wildest dreams!

Yet, despite the best efforts of you & your team to punch above your weight, your growth has stalled.Frustrating, isn’t it?

So what’s the largely untapped
‘secret’ to move you forward?

Knowing this, what’s YOUR next move?
Unicorn Labs can help set up your foundation to get you where you want to go.

Your Next Move: How to develop Unicorn Leaders to build unstoppable teams

We transform your managers into all-encompassing Unicorn Leaders to execute your higher-level vision by building powerful TEAMS that forge ahead in ANY business climate.

To have a unicorn company, you need unicorn people.
And that’s our strong suit at Unicorn Labs.

What’s a Unicorn Leader?

They are multi-faceted leaders who...

Have high emotional intelligence to shift their minds towards putting their people first with the goal of building powerful teams

Are visionaries who can see the big picture to play the long game

See themselves as catalysts to improve the culture and their teams 

See themselves as coaches who build high performing teams

Why does it matter to invest in your managers to become Unicorn Leaders?

Once we transform your managers to Unicorn Leaders to improve their teams & create a desirable high performing environment, they will be poised to attract better talent, retain that talent, help the teams grow to build the organization YOU want, and be ready for the next colossal disruption!

High-performing teams are adaptable to change. They welcome change. They embrace it - because it challenges them and takes them to the next level of their OWN development. It excites them. It energizes them!

If your employees are developing, your organization is developing. An energized team is not only the key that will yield results but one that continuously maintains its ability to innovate and sustain GROWTH.

What makes a high performing team?

If failing to develop human potential is the leading cause to decline economic productivity and 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager the most effective way to achieve peak team productivity is to decrease the ratio of lousy to exceptional managers.

The fastest and most effective way to improve team performance is by training the managers who lead them. When team performance grows, employee output and revenue generated grow with it.

We educate managers on the 6 Levels to High Performing Teams

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Our program

What to expect from our Unique Leadership
Development Program


How does our Unicorn Leadership Development Program work?

The Audience

The Audience


The Goal

The Goal

Become a Coach

Course Length

Course Length

12 Weeks 

Course Format

Course Format

Online and Live Group Coaching

What is it?

Unicorn Leadership Training is a 12-week leadership development program that trains new managers or provide "refresher" training for existing managers on building like emotional intelligence, teaming, adaptability

How does it work?

Managers will be entered into the program as a cohort. They'll complete assessments to determine their current leadership score and health of their team. They'll watch the training, compete action items, and attend group coaching calls with their peers. Finally, they'll retake the assessments to quantify their growth.

Who is it for?

This program is designed for managers in high growth startups. We only work with companies who believe in the value of L&D. There must be executive buy-in for the training to have a sustained impact on employee engagement, and therefore, culture.

Where does it happen?

The Unicorn Leadership Training program is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live group coaching calls, and a community exclusively for program participants. Managers can work at their own pace and will have lifetime access to the course and alumni community of managers.

When does it start?

We accept enterprise clients on a rolling basis. Book a call with us to get access to a free trial or request additional information. Once registered, managers will gain access to new learning modules weekly. They will be instructed to complete weekly action items and attend a weekly group coaching call.

Why does it exist?

This program exists to guide managers through a leadership development journey. Its structure provides an order of operations to team development to eliminate the guesswork and provide a focused path to improving themselves as leaders and as a result, the culture of their teams.

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Benefits of Management Training

Only a shocking 15% of today’s workforce is engaged. Your organization can beat the odds if they invest in their managers.
The Audience

Upskill your managers, level-up your culture.

Bring your team together with a new set of standards.

The Audience

Coach your employees, retain top talent.

Improve loyalty and train the next generation of leaders.

The Audience

Improve well-being, increase productivity.

Thriving businesses need thriving employees.

Our Leadership Philosophy

Get to Know Your
Leadership Trainer

Led by CEO & Leadership Expert, Fahd Alhattab, the Unicorn Leadership Training Program trains managers how to become coaches capable of managing conflict and building a highly engaged team culture.

What is included in the program?

Here’s a summary of everything included in the enterprise package:

Members gain lifetime access to 12-weeks of online learning modules and alumni community of managers.

x12 group coaching calls with Fahd Alhattab who will keep managers accountable to their goals.

+50 downloadable worksheets, templates, management frameworks, and team activities

Team Dynamics Assessment and Leadership 360 Assessments that track a manager's individual leadership transformation.

DISC Workplace Behaviour Assessment that enable managers to leverage and adapt their personality to the situation and personalities on their team.


Here's what CEOs and COOs say about our unique program:

Still not convinced?

70% of the variance in employee engagement is determined solely by the manager.
Give them the tools to perform at their best, and improve employee engagement in the process. When employee engagement is high, the business succeeds.


Free Training

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What we cover each week in the program.

Intensive leadership development training with clear goals and action items to keep managers accountable.

A full overview of the program and education on the leadership development program taught in the course.

Kick off the course by understanding the future of work and leadership and orienting yourself around different mindsets to set yourself up for success. Start getting acquainted with our Unicorn Leadership philosophy - the model that is core to our leadership management course and how it fits into the question of why team-building should be a manager’s main focus. Finish the week by feeling ready to tackle deeper the improvement of team dynamics, engagement, and performance as it relates to high performing teams.

Week 1 Modules: 

  • 1.1 The Future of Leadership
  • 1.2 Unicorn Leadership Philosophy
  • 1.3 The Case for Teamwork

Skills & Topics: team dynamics, growth mindset, high-performing team management

Week 1: Fundamentals

Improve team dynamics, engagement, and work performance by instilling a team culture of psychological safety.

In this week of manager development training, learn how to make small behavioural shifts to improve manager-employee and employee-employee relationships on the team. Unpack how Google discovered the power of psychological safety and how to foster it in your leadership. Dig deep into the intricacies and influence of organizational culture and how to take back the reigns to set up the correct foundations that set up your teams for success. As part of a modern managers development training, receive practical tools like the DISC assessment to further understand and personalize your leadership while gaining insights into others.

Week 2 Modules:

  • 2.1 March Break Camp
  • 2.2 What is Psychological Safety?
  • 2.3 Belonging Cues
  • 2.4 Vulnerability and Trust
  • 2.5 Unicorn Leadership Through Lines
  • 2.6 Personalized Leadership Approach: DISC
  • 2.7 Reading Your DISC Report

Skills & Topics: fostering psychological safety, DISC mastery, personalizing leadership, communication and conflict-management 

Week 2: Create Psychological Safety

Make small behavioural shifts to improve manager-employee and employee-employee relationships on the team.

Week 3 of the leadership management course you’ll continue to work on developing your emotional intelligence and how it relates to managing relationships with others. Learn about the neuroscience of emotions and why they need to be understood in the modern workplace. Receive a 360 Emotional Intelligence Assessment to not only self-reflect but gather real impressions from your team to be able to instantaneously gather feedback and form a learning plan moving forward. This week is core to addressing the often intangible matters of emotional intelligence in a practical format that will allow you to tackle practical matters of the workplace such as conflict management.

Week 3 Modules:

  • 3.1 Primal Leadership
  • 3.2 What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • 3.3 Self-Awareness
  • 3.4 Self Management
  • 3.5 Social Awareness
  • 3.6 Social Management

Skills & Topics: emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, social management, empathy, communication and conflict management

Week 3: Develop Emotional Intelligence

Empower decision-making by selecting the right people for the right roles on the team.

Our enterprise leadership training goes beyond focusing on the manager or leader being trained. In week 4 we teach leaders how to empower their team and by consequence power the entire organization. Become nimble in your decision-making, foster innovation, push the development of your team all through the objective and goal setting process that we offer for empowerment. Learn to clarify roles and responsibilities to help team members own their processes and help you delegate more effectively, liberating you from the constant managerial trap of being a time-starved oversized individual contributor. Learn and appreciate the intricacies and fallacies of decision-making to become smarter in making them yourself and empowering your team to make them on their own too. Expect to walk away with a better understanding of management vs. leadership.

Week 4 Modules:

  • 4.1 Empowerment
  • 4.2 Creating an Empowered Team
  • 4.3 Objective and Goal Setting
  • 4.4 Role Clarity and Delegation
  • 4.5 Decision Making
  • 4.6 Management vs. Leadership

Skills & Topics: objective and goal setting, clarifying roles and responsibilities, delegation, decision-making, team empowerment

Week 4: Empower Your Team Through Role Structure and Clarity

Improve communication channels and processes within the team.

A leadership management course would be incomplete without diving into the depths of effective communication. Learn about the pitfalls and issues of communication and how to address them as a leader in your team and organization. Receive frameworks, tactics, and tools to help foster better conversations between you and your team members, practice more effective listening, and even refine your persuasion skills. Understand the importance of the free flow of information and what systems you can set up to set yourself up for success as well as how to avoid the costs of unproductive meetings.

Week 5 Modules:

  • 5.1 What is Effective Team Communication?
  • 5.2 Conversations: The Most Important Leadership Tool
  • 5.3 Effective Listening
  • 5.4 Storytelling with Purpose and the Power of Persuasion
  • 5.5 The Free Flow of Information
  • 5.6 Facilitating Productive Meetings

Skills & Topics: communication, effective listening, productive conversation, persuasion, information systems, meeting management

Week 5: Uncover How to Effectively Communicate

Embrace open communication and productive conflict so everyone feels heard.

Elevate your mastery of communication by facing the less comfortable side of it: conflict management. Challenge and reframe your vision of conflict by learning how to set up your team for productive conflict management through open communication systems. You can achieve having everyone feel heard, embracing candor, and understanding the different conflict styles to help adapt your leadership. Revisit DISC for a more in-depth appreciation of how DISC shows up in conflict and how you can manage that within yourself and your team members of varying personalities.

Week 6 Modules:

  • 6.1 The Secret Ingredient to Effective Communication: Conflict
  • 6.2 Embracing Candor as a Manager
  • 6.3 Create a Culture of Candor
  • 6.4 Understand the 5 Conflict Styles
  • 6.5 DISC Communication and Conflict

Skills & Topics: productive conflict management, culture of candour, understanding conflict styles, conflict styles and DISC

Week 6: Embrace Productive Conflict and Feedback

Empower all team members to act as leaders and hold each other accountable.

In week 7 of our enterprise leadership training learn about the characteristics of effective leaders as it relates to an overall culture of leadership. Understand how to influence this culture of leadership throughout your team by utilizing all previous tools learned and how they come to interplay to foster this greater leadership impact. Continue to foster your own self-awareness by learning about the different leadership styles and how to oscilate between them all. Receive another assessment tool to reflect and gather feedback from your team on your own leadership from which you can set another learning and action plan to better yourself in this area.

Week 7 Modules:

  • 7.1 Culture of Leadership
  • 7.2 The Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  • 7.3 Six Leadership Styles
  • 7.4 Reading your Leadership Report

Skills & Topics: culture of leadership, team development, emotional intelligence, leadership fluidity

Week 7: Build a Culture of Leadership

Invest in the personal development of team members with coaching.

Learn how to extend your development through this manager's development training to shift your leadership to the coaching of your members. Extending development throughout the organization will help you take on leadership fluidity in your organization and inspire others to step into leadership regardless of their titles. This culture of leadership increases company agility and allows you to respond to modern business challenges quicker. We provide you tools, questions, and conversations to set your coaching up for success and even provide development and progress review frameworks with coaching in mind.

Week 8 Modules:

  • 8.1 Culture of Development
  • 8.2 The Coach Approach
  • 8.3 Coaching and Leadership with DISC
  • 8.4 The Coaching Questions
  • 8.5 Development and Progress Review

Skills & Topics: team development, coaching, leadership fluidity, organizational agility, performance evaluations

Week 8: Become a Coach, Develop Your Team

Train team members to understand how their individual contributions lead to the success of the business.

Uncover the proper roots of purpose by exploring motivation, personal meaning, and a sense of impact and contribution relates to your employees. Learn how to help facilitate better motivation in the workplace and how to connect meaning to work. Receive tools to help revamp your recognition and rewards systems as well as how to implement a greater culture of learning to contribute to a continuous growth mindset and foster innovation. By the end of week 9 you will have the tools to continue harnessing the power of culture as it relates to purpose to create change and introduce a new purposeful vision for the team.

Week 9 Modules:

  • 9.1 What Motivates People?
  • 9.2 Understanding Motivation in the Workplace
  • 9.3 Connecting Meaning to Work
  • 9.4 Recognition and Rewards
  • 9.5 Culture of Learning 

Skills & Topics: uncovering purpose, understanding impact, employee engagement, employee motivation

Week 9: Create a Sense of Purpose, Impact, and Contribution

Harness the power of culture to create change and introduce a new vision for the team.

Many leadership training for managers often can leave out topics surrounding culture and all-encompassing vision to C-Suite leadership. At Unicorn Labs, we believe that everyone must be involved and contribute to the all-encompassing vision. This week we take you through the deep unpacking of what a vision actually is and what it is not. We provide tangible steps, exercises and pointer questions to help you uncover your vision and propel it forward through grounded goal-setting. Learn to communicate that vision internally in a way that fosters alignment and shifts from the typical dry corporate language with strategies void of heart and commitment. Participate in strategic planning to help conceptualize road maps that bring your vision to life. 

Week 10 Modules:

  • 10.1 All-Encompassing Vision
  • 10.2 Create Your Vision
  • 10.3 Alignment and Attunement
  • 10.4 Strategic Planning

Skills & Topics: all-encompassing vision, organizational alignment, strategic planning

Week 10: Create a Culture and an All-Encompassing Vision

Understand how to hire high performance and to move through the stages of team building productively.

Understand how to hire for high performance and to move through the stages of team building productively. Learn the key steps for attracting and hiring stars, as well as how to maintain a good employment brand, and how to correctly onboard and offboard team members. Finally you’ll be able to learn how to protect your high-performing team by warding off bad apples and slow down employee turnover. 

Week 11 Modules:

  • 11.1 The Team Building Cycle
  • 11.2 Team Composition: Attracting and Hiring Stars
  • 11.3 Team Composition: Onboarding and Offboarding
  • 11.4 Protect the Team, Eliminate Bad Apples

Skills & Topics: team building cycle, team composition, onboarding & offboarding, employment brand

Week 11: Team Building Cycle and Team Composition

Understand management's role in the success of the organization.

At the end of our leadership management course you’ll have a chance to revisit all of the highlights of the course and understand how it all fits together as part of the Unicorn Leadership philosophy. Review and build your leadership toolbox with the most important concepts that will serve your leadership practice. Spend time reflecting on your journey and look ahead to understand how to best move forward with momentum in a way that is productive both for you and the success of your team and organization.

Week 12 Modules:

  • 12.1 Unicorn Leadership Review Part 1
  • 12.2 Unicorn Leadership Review Part 2
  • 12.3 Final Words

Skills & Topics: holistic leadership, 6 Levels of Unicorn Leadership, leadership toolbox, energy management

Week 12: The Unicorn Leader

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it include?

The Unicorn Leadership Training Program is a virtual 12-week program that advances a manager's leadership capabilities from good to great. Managers will complete assessments, watch the videos, and complete the weekly challenges. Then they'll use the provided leadership models, frameworks, and resources in their role. If they ask questions during group coaching and follow the process they can strengthen bonds and performance of their team.

How is this better than one-on-one coaching?

This is a solution to train managers at scale, long term. Have confidence knowing your managers are equipped with a shared set of leadership development principles. This scalable solution to leadership development gives you the flexibility to enter cohorts of managers into the program at anytime, from anywhere.

Why is this better than using open source content?

The fundamental difference between open source content (books, articles) and a program is that the former provides information and our program provides personalized experiences that guides managers through a transformation.

The Unicorn Leadership development process is linear. We give you the exact steps to advance your leadership skills and teach you how to apply it to your team in real-time as a manager. The program is designed by managers, for managers. And the content reflects that.

What data do you track and measure? How?

Enterprise teams who enter the program will be required to complete the following assessments: 

  1. Employee Engagement Survey: This survey is taken by the participating manager’s team members before and at the end of the program. If the manager is engaged with the material and implementing the learning, we should see the engagement score increase over time.
  1. Team Assessment: This assessment is taken by the participating manager’s team members to see how the team scores against our benchmarks on the six levels of Unicorn Leadership. 
  1. Leadership 360 Degree Review: This assessment is taken by the manager and a group of people who interact with them most. This review assesses how the manager performs on the leadership capabilities taught in the program. 
  1. DISC Personality Assessment: This assessment is taken by the manager to determine their personality type. We will teach them how to leverage and adapt their communication style to the individual and situation. 
  1. Emotional Intelligence Assessment: This assessment is taken by the manager to determine how in tune they are with their emotions and those of others.

Each of these assessments will be delivered as a report. Managers will learn how to interpret and improve their scores through the program content. 

What is Unicorn Leadership?

Unicorn Leadership is a framework for team culture development. Managers must advance their team members through each pillar to have a high performing team. You can read more about the system in this blog post here.

What makes Fahd qualified to teach the program?

Fahd has over a decade of experience leading teams. He has led an organization with over 150 staff, built multiple startups, and has combined his first-person experience with literature to create the proprietary Unicorn Leadership Framework taught in the program. This framework advances managers through the six levels of team dynamics and trains them on leadership capabilities required to do so. 

Fahd’s purpose is to give managers the mental models, literature, and action items required to make a lasting change in their behaviour. Then hold them accountable to it.

How can I be confident this program works for different learning styles?

Since the learning modules are delivered online, managers can absorb the program content at their own pace. They can choose to watch, read, or listen to the learning modules. It will also be available to them indefinitely so they can rewatch videos in the future.

How much administrative work is required?

As an enterprise client, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will onboard your team and manage your experience. The managers in your organization will be required to have their team members complete the assessments. Besides that, everyone is responsible for themselves.

How do I ensure that the managers stay engaged throughout the program?

We’ve designed this program to be an immersive learning experience for managers. New content is released weekly, live coaching calls with their peers hold them accountable, and assessments and weekly action items ensure the material is implemented and stays top of mind.

How much does it cost?

We price the program by the number of managers enrolled in the program. Contact us for your pricing estimate.

What if we want to add new hires to the program in the future?

The beauty of this program is that it can be your long term solution for leadership development training for managers. You can enrol management cohorts or as a single membership. Note that single memberships do not include coaching.

Are you a good fit for our program?

We work with organizations who believe in leadership development.
The fastest way to learn if we're the right fit for your needs.

Still not convinced?

Learn our six-step system for elevating a mediocre to a high performing team.