Coaching That Makes High Performing Teams
Our leadership development coaching is the most effective way to transform your leadership skills, and accelerate your startup’s success. We build Unicorn Leaders who can grow Unicorn companies.
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100,000+ people trained by Unicorn Labs - Trusted by the Best Teams
The Problem
Your team and company is limited by your leadership capacity.
Should your team continue to be the testing units of your leadership growth?
Finding Your True North:
Aligning your team around your vision can be like herding cats. Are everyone's compasses pointing in the same direction?
Building Your Dream Team:
Assembling the right players for your startup's success isn't a walk in the park. How's your team synergy?
Mastering Emotions:
Leadership requires emotional intelligence to deal with all different stakeholders. How well are you navigating the emotional landscape?
Managing Challenging Team Members:
How are you dealing with conflict and different team personalities?
Scaling your Team and Leadership:
How do you develop a team and a business that can scale. Outgrowing your startup roots is thrilling, but tricky. Is your leadership style evolving with your growth?
Navigating the Startup Jungle:
The entrepreneurial landscape is wild and uncertain. Are you prepared to pivot when the path gets rocky?
Balancing Act:
Burnout is a real threat in the startup world. Have you found the right work-life equilibrium?
Tech-Savvy Leadership:
Technology is ever-changing. Are you keeping up and leading with confidence?
Embracing Diversity:
An inclusive culture is a healthy culture. Are you fostering diversity in your team?
Conquering Crises:
Rough patches are inevitable in the startup journey. Are you turning crises into opportunities?
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Coaching Unlocks Your Potential.
Your company performs when your people do.
High-Performance Coaching
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Personalized Strengths Assessments
What is a
Unicorn Leader?
They are multi-faceted leaders who...
Have high emotional intelligence to shift their minds towards putting their people first with the goal of building powerful teams
Are visionaries who can see the big picture to play the long game
See themselves as catalysts to improve the culture and their teams
See themselves as coaches who build high performing teams
Imagine if you had a support system of coaches, learning platforms tools, resources, templates, cheat sheets, leadership assessments all to help you advance your leadership.
How transformational could this retreat truly be for your team?
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Your Current Leadership Development Likely Doesn't Work.
Whether it's simply trial and error, reading random advice from blogs, or getting managers to read 100s of outdated management books.
You don't have time to waste on trial-and-error management strategies.
Non-contexutalized leadership advice can hurt your managers growth.
Traditional Leadership Programs are broad, piecemeal, cookie-cutter, full of clichés, and miss the point entirely.
Nor do you want basic, self-guide, shallow management platitudes that any team can see right through as missing the mark.
You shouldn't need to audit 400 mini-courses and build your own frameworks.
Programs that don't specialize in Start-Ups teach your managers the WRONG principles.
Most coaching programs end up as therapy sessions.
Without real context and understanding of how to lead in a startup environment, most coaches hesitate to give tangible, practical solutions, and instead they ask you about "How this made you feel"
You don't have all the answers, that is why coaches need to help be consultants, mentors, and professional ass-kickers
Coaching has to be combined with teaching, or else you end up spinning in a circle for months.
About Fahd
Fahd Alhattab is a workplace and leadership development expert specializing in training startup managers, teams, and executives on Unicorn Leadership. He’s now focused on bringing his client-based experience and the most current, relevant research to Unicorn Lab’s comprehensive enterprise leadership training.

Based on this foundation of all of the best practices, Fahd helps organizations build high-performing, unstoppable teams by transforming their managers into leaders. His focus is to bring his experience now working with clients and pulling on the latest organizational research to present all of the best practices of how to build high-performing teams in comprehensive enterprise leadership training.
Fahd’s path to leadership began with philanthropy. Compelled by his background as an at-risk immigrant from a low-income family, he raised over $1M for local charities, founded a camp for underprivileged children, and was awarded Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Award for his dedication to the community.

On the pursuit of entrepreneurship, Fahd served two terms as President of Carleton University Students’ Association where he represented more than 25K students, managed a team of 150 staff, and oversaw the allocation of a $9M budget.

During his Presidency, Fahd launched a student entrepreneurship center that has since founded +50 student startups and help them raise more than +$300K in seed capital. This catapulted him to develop a mobile tech startup.

Built on thirteen years of experience building successful teams, Fahd identified the tried and true ingredient that set high performing teams apart from competitors — they had leaders who prioritized team performance over individual success. He named them Unicorn Leaders.

Delivered through captivating and actionable keynotes, Fahd now retrains managers to become architects of effective teams through his principle of Unicorn Leadership.

Fahd has spoken to +50K people across North America on leadership and been named Rising Star Speaker and Most Entertaining Speaker by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Working alongside his team at Unicorn Labs, Fahd is committed to giving start-up founders the leadership skills to build Unicorn companies. He delivers team-building retreats and customized training programs that upgrade staff and start-up managers into self-driven leaders.
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Explore Our Coaching Program
A startup is only as powerful as its leaders. Our one-on-one coaching sessions transform managers into leaders with the tools to empower their teams to perform their best and reach peak performance.
Customized Leadership & Management Training
Our Leadership Coaching provides customized management development training that gives managers the skills they need to level-up into Unicorn Leaders. Through sessions that include education and clear action items - managers begin applying their learning and are supported in their reflection and growth. The one-on-one coaching provides the personalized adaptation of the Unicorn Labs curriculum fit to your unique challenges and goals.
You will have the opportunity to soundboard everything with your coach, dissect it, and reflect on things you could potentially miss. You will be provided tangible tools to not only solve problems but to also identify them early on.
Grow to become a proactive leader and expand your impact potential on your team.
What You will Learn
Coaching techniques to help level-up their team into future leaders
New approaches for change and conflict management
Management tools for effectively managing meetings and projects
Leadership techniques to create an inclusive team culture aligned to the startup’s vision
Become more confident in your decisions and leadership
Increase your responsibilities and achieve your goals
Every company, manager, and team is unique.
Our one-on-one coaching programs are designed to focus on your unique strengths and needs.
We believe leaders are most effective when they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Our 360° review, self-assessments, peer and direct report assessments all provide input on the manager’s leadership capabilities, across three primary domains: Character, Relationships, and Influence.
Objective and Goal Setting
We co-curate a learning plan for each manager to ensure we’re focusing on their needs and gaps.
Result and Reporting
We begin with monthly coaching calls and biweekly virtual check-ins where managers can bring up questions or issues they have, learning objectives are tackled, and their personal leadership transformations begin.
Access To our Unicorn Leadership Platform
leadership training to elevate your team’s performance today.
Join the 50,000+ people that have been impacted by one of my programs.
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Why does it matter to invest in your managers to become Unicorn Leaders?
Through Gallup’s research, we’ve seen that 85% of employees are unengaged at work.

Engaged employees are high-performing employees, and high-performing employees are the ones who help move the needle forward through better productivity, more ideas, risk-taking, creativity, and overall growth and innovation. Overall, high-performing, engaged employees not only drive your organization forward but also thrive and grow with it. ‍
of people who receive coaching see an increase in self-confidence.
of companies report a solid return on investment on coaching.
benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.
So in a world where talent is so expensive and hard to get and managers are the lever to employee engagement, leadership development becomes the key to connecting the two. Leadership development becomes your best return on investment to maximize the talent potential of your organization by training your managers into leaders.

If your employees are developing, your organization is developing. An energized team is not only the key that will yield results but one that continuously maintains its ability to innovate and sustain GROWTH.

Once we transform your managers into Unicorn Leaders who improve their teams & create a desirable high performing environment through leadership management coaching. They will be poised to attract better talent, retain that talent, help the teams grow to build the organization YOU want, and be ready for the next colossal disruption(and there WILL be one)!

High-performing teams are adaptable to change. They welcome change. They embrace it - because it challenges them and takes them to the next level of their OWN development. It excites them. It energizes them!
Discover our different coaching packages for emerging leaders, core leaders with experience and executives.
We’ll match you with the best coach for you!
ICs to Sr. Managers
6 months of Unlimited 1:1 coaching
Full platform access
360° assessment
Inquire for pricing
Directors and Sr. Directors
6 months of Unlimited 1:1 coaching
Full platform access
360° assessment
Inquire for pricing
VPs and Execs
6 months of Unlimited 1:1 coaching
Full platform access
360° assessment
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Why coaching and mentoring for leadership development may be right for you?
To answer this question we peel back to the core of the question - why is leadership important?
We invite you to ask yourself this question, because to all leadership will mean different things. It may be the difference your business is lacking to reach its next growth spurt. Or perhaps it’s the step needed for focusing on strategy. For any purpose, leadership is important because it can narrow the gap between your people and your goals. Leadership, if done right, can unite and rally your people to transform from a group to a team, and form a team to an unstoppable force of innovation and drive. Unicorn Labs aims to uncover that potential that already exists.
How can you align your workplace with the realities of today’s workforce - and ensure your team can forge ahead in the future? Team development. All growth and movement of a product and a company starts, survives and thrives in direct relation to your employees.
Learn More About Our Philosophy
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This is Why 100s of Customers Love The Unicorn Leadership Program

star star star star star
We hired Unicorn Labs to train first time managers on our team. They were instrumental in giving us education and tactics for conflict management, project management processes, and gave us strategies on how to improve our communication skills as a team.
Alida Burke
COO, Growcer
star star star star star
Unicorn Labs gave the team exactly the type of experience they needed to develop skills and rapport with one another to provide a noticeable impact on team performance. Fahd turned even the most skeptical participants into engaged participants with his energy, charisma, and relatability. The exercises and lessons learned were perfect to not only make the team better but also to positively influence engagements with stakeholders, partners, and customers.
Craig Handy
Previous Head of Revenue Automation, Tooling, & Enablement - Global Revenue Technology & Operations, Shopify
star star star star star
Unicorn Labs has been fantastic for our organization for nearly three years now. I work with Fahd monthly, and he and his team are phenomenal. He’s helped us grow our company and dramatically improve our company culture. I’ve worked with other training organizations before and none come even close. I can’t recommend them enough.
Samuel Witherspoon
Co-Founder and CEO, IMRSV
Our Coaches

Meet our coaches

Our coaches are leaders who have helped managers become Unicorn Leaders. They will work with you to identify your strengths, challenges, and goals, and provide personalized feedback, guidance, and support.
Erik Harbison
Coach & CMO
My background hiring and developing teams within startup and enterprise environments provides me with the understanding to solve for complex leadership development and management training challenges. My core areas of focus include executive and leadership coaching, career development, career pathing, and team building.
Wendy Best
Coach & Consultant
With extensive experience in operations leadership for startups, Wendy empathizes with founders navigating key hires and aligning objectives with culture to inspire teams. She mentors both first-time managers and seasoned leaders through the startup journey. With over 20 years in technology companies like StellarAlgo, Agreement Express (acquired by Frontier Growth), and Solium (acquired by Morgan Stanley), Wendy offers invaluable expertise in rapid growth, acquisitions, and organizational changes..
Eva Manole
Associate Consultant
I help leaders and teams from various industries achieve lasting impact and accelerate results. I combine my academic background in psychology and business with my professional credentials in coaching and psychometric assessments to deliver evidence-based and customized solutions.
Mohamed Ashraf Abdalla
Mohamed, an engineering manager with a passion for leadership development, excels in fostering high-performing teams. His career spans Ericsson, where he improved operational efficiencies, and Apple, where he led global Siri expansion. Currently at Apple, Mohamed drives software evolution for Communication Applications through automation and machine learning. As a mentor and advocate for continuous improvement, he equips emerging leaders with the tools to thrive in dynamic environments
Michaud Garneau
Michaud is an executive coach and facilitator with a rich background in the performing arts and personal development. His holistic method incorporates yoga, meditation, and improvisation, focusing on presence over words. An award-winner with a TedX Talk, Michaud collaborates with major firms like Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and teaches leadership on Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. He encourages growth through enjoyable, supportive challenges.
Scott Bradford
Scott is a growth-minded leader with 25 years of success in technology and non-profits. Focused on people and organizations reaching their potential, he excels in innovation, partnership building, fundraising, and revitalization. His award-winning work includes United Way of Ottawa and Queen's Diamond Jubilee accolades. Scott's passion lies in creating lasting impact and making a difference in others' lives.
Jordan Nahmias
Jordan Nahmias, once a high-flying entertainment lawyer, embarked on a transformative journey from legal luminary to holistic life coach. With a storied career that spans law, yoga, film production, and photography, Jordan's life is a testament to the power of self-discovery and reinvention. Co-founder of the Open Roof Festival and a dedicated family man, his path reflects a deep dive into creativity and personal growth. Today, Jordan leverages his diverse experiences to guide others through their own life's knots, blending innovation, storytelling, and empathy to inspire change and foster a deeper understanding of one's self and purpose.
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If you or your team members are unsatisfied by the leadership transformation, receive a total refund.
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In this Strategy Session we'll focus on evaluating your current leadership development process, your problems and goals and see how Unicorn Labs can help you get better results, faster.
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