High-performing teams are critical to a startup's success.

While you focus on building your Unicorn business, let us help you build your Unicorn Leaders. It starts with mastering these three dimensions of teamwork which guide the focus of our corporate retreats:

Strong Sense
of Purpose

The team understands their purpose in achieving the company vision, both at the team and individual levels.

High-Quality Interactions

The team is trusting, has open communication, and a willingness to embrace conflict. Team retreats can establish a tremendous initial foundation for high-quality interactions away from the usual high-pressure work environments.

Culture of

The team operates in a culture where risks and innovations are celebrated. We help you uncover what this looks like for your unique organization.


Team building retreats are the most effective way to create a lasting impact on team dynamics.

Our leadership and team-building retreats are designed for startups passionate about improving leadership capacity within themselves, their company, and their teams. Our corporate retreats teach, guide, and foster what and how to solidify a good foundation for team dynamics to thrive. With established team dynamics, our goal is for you to be then able to take-away learnings of how to identify and self-regulate the ebbs of flows of team dynamics and understand how to navigate them for the most successful outcomes. Foremost, it begins with a deep understanding of each other and the team as a unit. Unsure of where and how to start planning your first corporate retreat?

Read our blog to help you get started:
Step-by-Step: Planning a Team Retreat.

We provide interactive
learning experiences.

In our team retreats’ learning environment, you won’t find thick binders and heavy workbooks that’ll sit on your shelf for the rest of time. Our strategy is purely interactive, community-based, and customized to your unique needs as a startup.

We tailor our programs by interviewing participants, co-creating plans, and following up to ensure sustainable long-term results. Teams receive resources and assets to take back to the office, enriching the learning experience. We want you to reap the benefits of the corporate retreat in the long term.

Fahd’s strategic planning retreat empowered our team to help shape the future of our business. Fahd’s programming was catered to the learning styles on our team and I was impressed with his ability to keep our rambunctious team focused, yet having fun.

Alida Burke

COO, Growcer

We're committed to creating the best team-building corporate retreats.

Working with us and our team retreat means you'll have a hassle-free learning experience that will impact your organization. Our collaboration means an increased focus on the unique needs of your team without the stress of having to plan all the logistical details of corporate retreats alone.

All-Inclusive Experience

We provide an all-inclusive experience where the planning, catering, and execution are completed for you. Check out our blog of some of our go-to Best Corporate Retreat Locations in Southern Ontario to get a feel for some of the locations we work with to organize your corporate retreat.

Real Results

Our workshops and team-building activities include clear action items to apply to your unique challenges as a startup after the end of the corporate retreat.

Experience Camp Magic

We guaranteed a memorable team experience that will leave your team more connected to each other and your goals as a startup. We want to reframe your team’s perception of what a corporate retreats entails with positive impact.

Customized Reporting

We provide personalized leadership assessments, data-driven reports, and action plans that recap the key outcomes from the team retreat.

You’re one step away from planning an unforgettable experience that will skyrocket your team's performance. 🚀


Explore Our Retreat Programs

If you're a startup leader hoping to improve your team dynamics or develop a strategic plan, our interactive programs packed with workshops, team activities, and action items will enhance the health of your startup. Depending on your goals, we will cater to and customize the corporate retreat experience with your needs while also focusing on leadership development principles.

Workshop Modules
1. Evaluate their team's current team dynamics and overall performance
2. Identify and eliminate office politics
3. Practice communication skills for different personality types
4. Implement an effective strategy to increase team buy-in and engagement
Overcome the pitfalls of team dynamics and build a high-performing startup team.

In this immersive team retreat experience, Fahd will train your team to identify and overcome common team pitfalls using the six levels of team development.

This program will give your managers and team members the tools to transform any team into a high-performing machine.

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Workshop Modules
1. Environmental Analysis
2. Stakeholder Analysis
3. Governance Review
4. Strategic Plan Development
5. In-House Strategic Toolset
Build a strategic plan that will help your startup achieve its growth targets.

In one weekend with our team retreat, your executive team will develop an outline of a strategic roadmap for the next calendar year and develop their leadership skills through immersive leadership training exercises and team-building activities.

We guide and help you focus in on your unique strategic priorities while helping develop the leadership potential of your whole team leadership training exercises and team building activities.

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Watch for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Unicorn Labs’ offsite leadership corporate retreats.

Startups who have experienced our retreats

Reconnect Your Team to the Business

Five reasons to book a team-building corporate retreat.

Reignite employee passion.

Energize executives and employees to inspire action, maximize productivity, and create long-lasting results. A team retreat can remind employees of the greater organizational mission and how their work contributes to it within the team.

Turn feedback into a gift.

Confront conflict head-on and use feedback as a tool for development, not criticism. Team retreats help relieve pressure through a change of scenery to be spent in the outdoors with a more relaxed atmosphere between team members. This is an opportunity to practice the more challenging aspects of feedback and leadership in a low-stakes environment.

Get creative wheels spinning.

Collaboratively brainstorm solutions to problems executives can’t solve alone. Corporate retreats in collaboration with Unicorn Labs will help stimulate your team to think outside the box and be introduced to new tools and frameworks to innovate your mission forward.

No more broken telephone

Communicate more often and effectively with every personality type on your team. Time spent in corporate retreats is time spent learning to understand one another. We emphasize a big focus on learning the different communication styles in order to best align and attune oneself to diverse individuals in the most productive and effective way.

Turn your team into a family.

Develop meaningful relationships that get teams excited about work again. Team retreats help connect your employees as people. Engaging them through our activities will help establish trust and understanding that translates into rapport and optimized collaboration. Improve your corporate culture by investing in the relationships of the people that work there. Creating a sense of belonging is critical for a productive and connected team.


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