10 Best Online Tools and Resources to Help Startups be Successful in 2022

With the start of a new year, everyone is always eager to improve themselves.

To start new habits, set up new goals, reinvent themselves.

And you can do the same at your startup.

Maybe not reinvent “yourself” as in come up with a new product or shift your whole company structure. But, in the sense that this can be an opportunity to make your workflow more efficient and provide your employees with a chance to grow and develop their skillset.

Now, imagine if you could enhance your efficiency with just a few tools.

Below are the best 10 online tools and resources to help your startup be successful in the new year, 2022.

5 Tools for Effective Workflow


ClickUp is a great tool to keep track of deliverables.

It comes with hundreds of features that can be customized for any work need.

You can collaborate on product ideas, marketing campaigns, document bugs, or jot down meeting minutes with ClickUp Docs. Edit in real-time with others, add rich editing, and keep everyone up-to-date with a visual knowledge base. is a tool to plan, track and deliver your team’s best work.

You can manage everything in one place.

It is so visual, easy, and intuitive, you don’t need training. Create your ideal workflow in minutes by using their templates.

This tool will help keep track of your company’s progress and visualize your data in an easy-to-use interface.


Fellow is a meeting management software.

Fellow helps your team build great meeting habits through collaborative agendas, real-time note taking, and time-saving templates.

Besides having productive meetings, their resources will help you navigate productive 1-on-1 between managers and employees, and keeping track of your OKRs.


Miro is a meeting, workshop, and collaboration tool.

Think of it as an online whiteboard.

This tool makes it easy to flesh out ideas and brainstorm with your entire team, all online.

Everyone on the team can easily create various sticky notes, webs and add pictures and comments all at once.

I recommend this tool for teams who work excessively on creative projects.


Calendly allows you to easily schedule all of your meetings without the back and forth of emails.

You can even cap the number of meetings that can be booked in a week.

This will help you stay on top of all your meetings in the new year.

5 Tools for Employee’s Growth and Development


Reflektive instills accountability and fosters constructive, ongoing conversations.

This tool will improve employee’s engagement with public recognition and measure their contributions with surveys, benchmarks, and action plans.

This tool is perfect to see performance insights and trends.


Bamboo HR is a human resources software for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In this new year, you might want to hire new talent, grow your company, but finding the right talent is hard enough, especially if your hiring process is slow or inconsistent.

This tool can help you change that.

It makes it easy to collect, maintain, and analyze your employee’s data, improve the way you hire talent, onboard new employees, manage compensation, and develop your company culture.


Lattice is a people management platform.

It empowers leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams, inspire winning cultures, and make strategic decisions.

It connects performance management, employee engagement, and career development in one unified solution.

LinkedIn Courses

LinkedIn Courses: 14 Best Learning Paths 2022 | courselounge

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform tailored for employee training and professional development.

It has thousands of professional courses to improve your team’s skills thus helping your business grow.

This is the perfect way to empower your employees by developing their skills.

Unicorn Labs Leadership Training

Unicorn Labs Leadership Development Program is specifically designed for high growth startups

You can achieve your company goals faster by making your managers better leaders.

This unique leadership training enables managers to coach and lead their teams through change with confidence.

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