Introducing Unicorn Leadership: What It Means and Why It Matters to YOU

Congratulations! 🎉

You’ve finally seen your long hours and countless sacrifices pay off as you turned your passion into a functioning business. 

Just as you finally feel like you can throw this vehicle into cruise control you begin to understand that the hardest part of entrepreneurship is not pitching your business plan or creating a product, it’s the people. 

The ONE thing nobody tells you about entrepreneurship is that it goes beyond offering the best product. You must also learn how to manage people.

If you’re interested in learning how to 10x your team’s leadership capacity and create a dream team, look no further. 

This blog post will share the concept of Unicorn Leadership, what it means, and how it will transform your business.

How I discovered Unicorn Leadership

My journey to finding this noble steed started in high school, ten years ago, when I started a day camp for underprivileged children and found myself leading a team without a clue about what I was doing. 😅

You see, like many of you I put the idea of leadership onto a pedestal that I could never reach. 

I reserved the term ‘leader’ for societal heroes like Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill Hill, or Nelson Mendela. 

I never felt significant enough to make a real impact on other people. 

After-all, I was in no position of authority. I was just this young kid who had no voice or influence in the lives of those around me. 

But that all changed over a box of dry Mac and Cheese. 

Through the creation of this ‘Ultimate March Break Camp’ (creative name right? 😉), I transformed my view of leadership. 

It changed my perspective from viewing leadership as a noun, to a verb

I realized that you did not need permission to lead, you simply needed to act. 🤯

And just like that, with one shove of movement I bouldered down this rocky journey of leadership. 

This journey has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience.

I have led all sorts of teams, ranging in sizes, sectors, and corporate objectives from fundraising to developing university curriculum. 

Throughout my diverse experiences I learned a simple shift in my approach to leadership that allowed me to transform every business I had the privilege to lead.

I learned a simple shift in my approach to leadership that allowed me to transform every business I had the privilege to lead.

I switched my approach from managing numbers to coaching the members of my team. 

I identified what every single member of the team needed to be successful and we collaboratively worked on an action plan to get them there.

In applying a coaching perspective to leadership, I noticed team members took more pride in their work.

They finally understood their integral role in helping us achieve the company’s goals. This contributed to my personal mission to build a purpose-driven company culture. 

I’ve coined this approach to leadership “Unicorn Leadership” because this combined skill set will attract and retain top talent, increase an organization’s leadership capacity, and 10x a business.

In the next section, I’m going to cover how startups can develop their managers into Unicorn Leaders.

What’s the difference between a manager and Unicorn Leader? 

The dream of almost every entrepreneur is to build a unicorn company — a startup valued at over one billion dollars in the public or private sector. 🤩

But nothing great is ever accomplished alone and that’s why you need to build a high performing team to support your company’s mission.

And no, I don’t just mean go out there and hire the ‘best of the best.’

Building a ‘dream team’ isn’t about hiring top talent and assuming they’ll all get along and produce the highest quality product.

They need a Unicorn Leader, not a manager, to guide them.  

Unicorn Leaders create opportunities managers don’t. They attract and retain top-tier talent by creating A-class culture. They know how to engage the multi-generational workforce and build high performing teams that create extraordinary impact through sheer performance. 

Unlike unicorns, Unicorn Leaders aren’t imaginary beings, many of them exist among us.

But without access to leadership training and tools to transform, many of them won’t reach their leadership potential.

But you have the power to change that with our leadership training.

How Unicorn Labs can help you develop your managers into Unicorn Leaders

We have explained that a startup’s team is the backbone of the business and managers are the startup's secret weapon to weather any storm.

But exceptional managers are not born, they are made. That’s why your startup needs Unicorn Labs. 

Unicorn Labs is your one stop leadership development shop. We transform new managers into leaders of unstoppable teams by providing multiple types of services from one-on-one coaching to team retreats and workshops.

 This is our process:  

1. We start with a team assessment to help figure out what human resource challenges you are facing. We then help you develop a road-map to achieve your human resource and leadership goals

2. Next, we take you on a transformative offsite retreat to provide you and your team a hands-on learning development experience. Not only will you learn to strengthen team bounds, but it will also give you all newfound motivation to     reach higher levels of productivity.

3. We will host ongoing team workshops for you and your team throughout your partnership with Unicorn Labs. This will help you implement employee development throughout different levels of your teams in topics such as self-leadership, conflict management and team communication.

4. We then take your managers through personalized one-on-one coaching. This allows me to train your managers directly and help them develop into long-lasting Unicorn Leaders of high performing teams.

5. Finally, we inspire every single employee to achieve their leadership potential and change the way the show up to work and interact with their team members through my corporate speaker 

In the end, your secret weapon against the modern talent war is Unicorn Leadership. 

Don’t hold your startup back any longer. Take action and level up with Unicorn Labs

Chat with Fahd and book your FREE consultation today.

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